A Clinton Economy is a Real Crapshoot

If Hillary enacts the policies she's been embracing — watch out

While I’m not a betting man, when it comes to seeing a rebound in our nation’s fiscal fortunes, we may have as good a chance at the racetrack as under a Hillary Clinton administration.

Three years ago I wrote about the state of the economy under President Obama. In my piece, I commented that he was doing exactly what he promised: He was fundamentally changing America. Yet many voters whined about it, as if this was something new or something he never explained when the country first elected him.

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If Clinton enacts the policies she is embracing, I can easily imagine voters complaining about her administration, too. That is, after many make sure she gets elected. After all, she has made it clear that one of her solutions to fixing the economy is to “double down” on the failed government policies that continue to exacerbate our economic woes.

Choking Regulations
Let’s see. Carrying on with the Dodd-Frank financial reforms that primarily grew the federal government, employment-stifling Obamacare, minimum wage legislation, and continuing to choke businesses (small and large alike) with more regulatory burdens. And, let’s not forget the multi-trillion-dollar deficit spending that the Obama Administration likes to call investing. Can we say “no” to all of the above?

When someone lies long enough and deceives everyone about the economy long enough, that person begins to believe his or her own propaganda.

I don’t know how it’s possible, but Clinton emphasizes such steps at the very time we desperately need to create more jobs and boost the middle class. On top of that, Bernie Sanders’ “give everything to everybody for free” mentality seems destined to become a plank in the platform accompanying her impending nomination.

Some seem to think that this is all just a political stunt. That when it comes down to real legislation, none of it will happen. So do they mean it’s just a lie to get votes? I fear it isn’t. On top of extending the failed policies of the past eight years, I foresee Clinton taxing the very people she’s trying to create work for — along with corporate America — to fund all the giveaways she’s promising.

Expanding Inefficient Government
The other thing we have to be concerned about is Clinton’s ongoing demonization of Wall Street, profits, big business, and fat cat bankers (she might as well throw in the job-creating entrepreneurs who can help fuel a new round of growth).

None of these divisive tactics is going to help the economy. Continuing all these incredibly inefficient and ineffective government policies will only create bigger government, more bureaucracy, and increased voter frustration.

We are seeing firsthand the dangers that I warned about long ago. But when someone lies long enough and deceives everyone about the economy long enough, they begin to believe their own propaganda. Thus, it’s only natural that the person who hopes to extend our current president’s legacy would believe that “more of the same” is a good idea.

Dan Celia is president and CEO of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries, Inc., and host of the nationally syndicated radio talk program, “Financial Issues,” heard daily on more than 600 stations across the country.