Never-Trump is No More

With a final parting gift to Hillary, the ill-fated band of dissidents are defeated, again

Monday of convention week proved to be an exciting and eventful affair. A final Rules Committee meeting early in the day turned from routine to somewhat awkward when a delegate from Alaska, Fred Brown, got up and argued that significant debate had not been taken up regarding the Rules Committee on Thursday.

Failure has been consistent a theme in the NeverTrump movement.

Keeping her calm, Committee Chairwoman Enid Mickelsen smartly responded the delegate was out of order and the Rules Committee had taken up all the issues with full and fair debate. After that, the whole committee officially adopted the rules in the meeting with a few dissenters. Unsurprisingly, Sen. Mike Lee stalked out of the room clearly upset — and clearly planning further action regarding the Rules.

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Most of us waited with bated breath for Enid Mickelsen to come out to have the full convention adopt the rules sometime later in the afternoon. Over 2,500 delegates packed the convention floor. When she came out and asked that the rules in Committee be accepted by the full body of delegates, the body responded with a full-throated endorsement from the chair’s perspective.

But the increasingly few NeverTrumpers wouldn’t give in. Lee stood up in his seat as part of the Utah delegation, along with former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, and began crying for a point of order. The futile spectacle from allies of Sen. Ted Cruz provided a great opportunity for Hillary Clinton to post a YouTube video mocking our party as the party of “law and order,” and a peg for the media to pretend there was widespread dissent at the convention.

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After the voice vote on the rules was entered as a “Yea,” Steve Womack of Arkansas, replacing Enid Mickelsen, announced that a request for a roll call vote had been entered. A roll call vote means that each delegate must announce his or her vote to the convention and this would substantially delay the proceedings.

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After Mr. Womack said there was a request from nine states for a roll call vote, which is over the seven required by Rule 39, he then dramatically announced that three had withdrawn their petition. Earlier in the day, some not-so-intelligent NeverTrumpers had alerted those trying to unite the party through Twitter and other means that they had intended to try to force a roll call vote in protest. Team Trump gathered the necessary counter-signatures and foiled the attempt  making the NeverTrumpers out of line yet again!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Failure has been consistent a theme in the NeverTrump movement. Their next hapless tactic will probably be to try and nominate Cruz on the floor today. Hopefully that final failure will convince them that to make America great again, the party must unite. In either event, their ill-fated rebellion, which has served only to fuel a false narrative for the liberal media and the Clinton campaign, will be done.

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