It struck Kathleen Willey as odd that a jogger should be out here, in a rural area where all the roads are gravel. It struck her as even odder when the jogger called to her by name. She was walking her dogs when the jogger stopped beside her, and asked about her missing cat, Bullseye.

Hillary claims to be a woman’s advocate. “That is a royal joke,” Willey says.

She asked, “Have you seen him?”

The man just looked at her and said, “He was a really nice cat.” She replied, “Have you seen him, or do you have him?”

Then Willey got frightened. The jogger asked, “How are your children doing?” He mentioned their names and addresses in different cities. Then he asked about her friends’ children by name.

“I thought he was going to kill me,” Willey told Lifezette. “I asked who he was and just looked at me and said, ‘You’re just not getting the message, are you?'” That’s when she ran as fast as she could with her three dogs alongside her. She looked back after sprinting 100 feet, and the man was gone.

“I lived in the middle of nowhere. I was not easy to find. They were watching me.”

“They,” Willey says, refers to Bill and Hillary Clinton. The encounter occurred two days before she was to give her deposition in the Paula Jones case. Her life had already been turned upside down. She claimed that Bill Clinton had sexually assaulted her in the Oval Office, the day she went to him for help in finding a job. Later that same night, her husband committed suicide.


The jogger’s threat was just one of many incidents of harassment Willey has experienced over the years. After a July 4th party one year, she returned home to find a different cat dead on her porch. Her tires had also been slashed. The veterinarian performed an autopsy and said he could not find any good reason why the cat had died.

Willey has been vilified by Clinton proxies and the media for years. Yet to Willey, the most troubling aspect of the story has been how Hillary Clinton speaks out of both sides of her mouth. For example, a tweet by Hillary on Nov. 22, 2015, said, “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.”

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Hillary claims to be a woman’s advocate.

“That is a royal joke,” Willey says. “Hillary Clinton and the left are all about women’s rights — except for the women who have been sexually assaulted by Bill. Then suddenly, we are liars, fame-seekers and fortune hunters. You think I want any of this attention? You think every single one of these women are lying?”

So why is she speaking out about Hillary Clinton if Bill Clinton is the alleged perpetrator?

“This is not about adultery or girlfriends or sex,” Willey says. “The details are already out there and nobody wants to hear them again. This is about Hillary Clinton and what she has done to other women.”

“This is about the steps that one woman will take to silence other women who were given a reason to harm Bill. That’s the story I want people to know about, especially the millennials.”

Willey is campaigning hard against Clinton’s presidential run for one simple reason: “This is about the steps that one woman will take to silence other women who were given a reason to harm Bill. That’s the story I want people to know about, especially the millennials.”

Willey was asked what she would like to tell women and Democrats about Hillary Clinton. What would she say to those who are such steadfast supporters, or even those who are on the fence?

“I know many people would like to see a woman elected president, and I agree 100 percent. Just not this woman. We cannot allow the two of them back in the White House. If young people will take the time and objectively investigate what these people have done and gotten away with, they will understand that she is not fit to be president.”


Willey asks women, in particular, to set aside ideology and Democratic principles. Hillary Clinton’s goal of destroying — not just threatening, but destroying — women who threaten Bill should make every woman stop, think, and ask their conscience if casting a vote for Hillary is really what they want to do.

“How would you like to have what happened to me and Juanita [Broaddrick] or other women to happen to you? Your daughter? Your sister? Walk in our shoes. Try to understand what we’ve been through. Is that the person you want for president of the United States? This is who you believe is a woman’s advocate?”

Willey believes that casting a vote for Hillary Clinton is to become an apologist for sexual assault. If it is OK for the president of the United States — who swore to uphold the law — to assault a woman, then sexual assault is clearly not worth being taken seriously. “If you can sleep at night, as a woman voting for Hillary Clinton, you have turned your back on every woman who has had to deal with unwanted sexual advances.”

What of those who claim she has manufactured the story, or that she is just trying to make a buck?

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“Are you kidding? Why make my life into this nightmare it’s become? I’ve been fighting foreclosure for years! I’ve never been able to get a meaningful job after what Hillary Clinton did to me. How would you like to be across an interviewer’s desk and be Kathleen Willey, wondering, ‘Do I tell them? Do they know?'”

Nor has Donald Trump ever paid her anything. Willey has never met Trump. “Let me tell you, he sure isn’t helping me with my mortgage payment.”

No, she says simply, this is about Hillary — and who she really is.

“Hillary Clinton will do anything to disgrace, lie about, and discredit any woman who gets in her way on her way to march to power. That’s what she’s done to me and to Paula. There are scores of other women out there, too. I hope they get the courage one day to step forward — and I don’t blame them for being silent after what has happened to me.”