Trump Speaks the Language of the Faithful

This election is bringing us closer to what conservative Christian voters want

How could Donald Trump possibly be winning? It’s a common question these days.

Americans are fed up. And they recognize that Donald Trump is beholden to no one.

Trump is winning because he is speaking the language of the American people. Isn’t it amazing that a New York billionaire is far more in touch with the average American than Washington, D.C., has been for 50 years?

The Triangle of Power is being threatened in D.C., and mainstream politicians are choking on their endorsement of Trump. Are they learning anything from this turn of events? Hardly. Are they considering supporting this change because so many American people want it? No — the will of the American people means very little to the Establishment.

In fact, they are trying to avoid at all costs doing what the people want.

The Triangle of Power involves three streets in America: Wall Street to Pennsylvania Avenue to K Street and back to Wall Street. This is the Triangle of Power that controls our tax codes, our import/export deficits, the regulatory burden, Obamacare — and, of course, the livelihood outside of politics for reigning politicians.

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But Americans are fed up. They recognize that Donald Trump is beholden to no one. This is their opportunity to finally show Washington that they have had enough. They are sending the message loud and clear. Yet the Washington Establishment and the royal elitists on Capitol Hill continue to push back against the will of the American people.

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Those involved in the Triangle of Power need to wake up — and they’d better do it soon. And the American people who have not hopped on board with the threat to the establishment in Washington had better get on board soon. Why? Because this is about turning America around, turning our economy around, turning Washington around. It is about getting a little closer to the things so many conservative Christian voters want.

Sadly, some will sit this election out because they can’t get everything they want, perhaps because there is no great pastor like Robert Jeffress or David Jeremiah running for president. After all, what they really want is a pastor-in-chief. So they will sit home until somehow, miraculously, their dream comes true.

Throughout the Bible and church history, God has used unrighteous people to be His rod of righteousness to His people. Yet, like the ancient Israelites, the Evangelical conservative Christian just refuses to remember God’s promises to His people and the ways His righteousness was achieved. Instead of trusting God’s ways and timing, many will likely sit home on Election Day because a pro-life, anti-same-sex-marriage businessman is not enough. They are not willing for progress to be made a step at a time. They want it all right now.

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It is time for us to start considering what will take us a step closer to real change and revival in America. A step closer to the unwinding of the moral decay that has been going on for 20 years. A step closer to being able to look political correctness in the eye and say “get ye behind me” as we continue to move forward. A step closer to an economy that can rebuild America’s middle class and create an opportunity for prosperity for all.

Some conservative voters are not satisfied with moving closer to their goals. They want one giant step to get where they believe we need to be. Decay doesn’t happen like that. And neither does recovery.

I don’t foresee the reestablishment of God’s principles happening in one step — but let’s at least move in that direction!

Dan Celia is president and CEO of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries, Inc., and host of the national syndicated radio talk program “Financial Issues,” heard daily on more than 600 stations across the country. 

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