The Left’s Gun Control Long Game

Hawaii registration offers rare insight into gun-grabbing strategy

Hawaii is a well-known paradise for surfers, tiki enthusiasts, and anyone looking for an exotic vacation — but recently it became a paradise for the anti-gun left.

The Aloha State became the first state in the nation to place law-abiding gun owners in a central database, laying the foundation for the confiscation of firearms.

The left is not after a nation without violence, but a state with absolute power over the nation it is meant to serve.

The legislation “authorizes county police departments in Hawaii to enroll firearms applicants and individuals registering their firearms, in a criminal record monitoring service,” a statement from the governor’s office said.

The service is called the “Rap Back” system, “a service of the Federal Bureau of Investigation that provides continuous criminal record monitoring,” according to the governor’s statement.

“The service notifies the agencies when a firearm owner is arrested for a criminal offense anywhere in the country,” it continues. ‘This will allow county police departments in Hawaii to evaluate whether the firearm owner may continue to legally possess and own firearms.”

Hawaii already requires its citizens to register their firearms, making confiscation easy should someone be flagged in the system. This legislation — which has worrying implications for due process as being arrested for a crime is by no means the same as being tried and convicted of one — reveals just how easy confiscation is once the government has a list of registered gun owners.

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But registration paving the way for confiscation is just part of the left’s three-pronged attack on the Second Amendment. The second part is the drive to make firearm ownership prohibitively expensive for the consumer, and firearm production prohibitively expensive for the manufacturer.

Legislation mandating the use of “smart gun” technology — such as fingerprint-activated trigger locks — can make the average firearm far too expensive for the typical consumer. Legislation requiring liability insurance for gun owners could also make gun ownership beyond the reach of the average American. Taxes on guns and ammunition have also been proposed.

Likewise, taxes on the make and sale of guns could discourage manufacturers from operating. Firearms manufacturers are also a target of legislation that would provide the legal ground for liability lawsuits in gun deaths, resulting in lawsuits that could drive them out of business altogether. Hillary Clinton herself has come out in support of such laws.

The third part of the left’s assault on the Second Amendment is its reliance on an activist judiciary. Lower courts have issued stridently anti-Second Amendment rulings for years, but these are often challenged and often defeated.

The radical anti-gun left’s best chance at dismantling the Second Amendment is through control of the Supreme Court, something which it is dangerously close to achieving with the recent death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

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In its quest to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights, the left makes habitual appeals to a desire for peace and an end to violence. But the various means they propose in order to achieve that end do nothing to stop criminals from obtaining weapons, nor do they do anything to stop the chronic violence endemic to inner city communities.

The only thing this does is make it harder for law-abiding Americans to defend their lives, their families, and their liberties. The left is not after a nation without violence, but a state with absolute power over the nation it is meant to serve.