Ryan and the Panicky Sock Puppets

GOP insiders need to stop panicking every time Trump says something

House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Sen. Mark Kirk, and Sen. Lindsay Graham have all become the sock puppets of the left-wing media. Like a vulgar Vegas ventriloquist, they mouth the worst of what they think about Donald Trump.

The worst of them is Ryan, who recently said that Trump’s comments were “textbook racism.”

Just imagine 70 new Hillary-approved judges, all promoting transgender bathrooms, open borders, anti-gun laws, anti-capitalist, you-name-it agendas.

Actually, Ryan’s comments reveal the worst about Ryan: that he truly wants to promote this notion that Trump is a racist. He wants to believe this. And so he and the others are out there promoting the meme of racism rather than the other side of the story, which is the inherent bias that so permeates our judicial system.

What it also reveals about the panicky sock puppets is their own weakness. They have allowed themselves to be programmed by the media that if they hear the word “Mexican,” they immediately have a knee-jerk reaction to assume it was a racist remark.

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Here’s a hint to Ryan and the sock puppets: Mexican is not a race.

Let’s flip this around. Literally. Let’s say that for this entire political season, Trump had been calling for a wall on the Canadian border because Canadians had been smuggling drugs across the border, taking jobs from Americans, and so on. And let’s say the judge had been born in Indiana to Canadian parents. If, when pressed by a reporter, about why he thought the judge was biased, Trump had responded, “I don’t know; he’s Canadian. Maybe that has something to do with it.” Would anyone be calling him a racist?

No. Of course not.

The issue is the bias that has riddled our judicial system — political, gender, race, and any number of divisions. It’s not a matter of inherent biases due to the fact we’re all flawed humans. No. The bias, thanks to activist judges and compliant sock puppets in the legislature, has become part of the judicial system. Justice is no longer blind.

Ryan and the others need to stop panicking every time Trump says something. 

Ryan and the others need to stop panicking every time Trump says something. Trump is not a politician, and isn’t going to speak or sound like one. Maybe they should look at what the issues were — the likely bias of the judge based on political beliefs (hello IRS v. Tea Party) — rather than how he said it.

We live in a country now where judges have become de facto legislators, freeing up valuable time for Congress so they can focus on what’s truly important: doling out taxpayer dollars to their donors. Why bother passing laws when the judges will just overrule them? Just let them do it in the first place. Worse, judges are, in effect, lifetime politicians. Get an activist judge in there, of either party, and they’re not only impossible to remove, they’ll get promoted up the ladder the more biased they are. Find a way to push some anti-capitalist environmental nonsense and you’re set for life. In effect, our system rewards bias.

And it’s not just bias against someone but a bias for a political ally that gives them a pass when they should be jailed. Lois Lerner, EPA, Fast and Furious, crony capitalism? Hello crony justice.

The result is people distrust the justice system and rightfully so when instead the justice system should be epitome of American ideals of fairness and freedom. The system has become so corrupt that people don’t seek justice when they should because they know the system has become corrupted.

Want proof? Ask yourself this: Why has no one sued MoveOn.org and George Soros for the violence at Trump rallies? Why have none of the victims who’ve been hospitalized sought relief? Because everyone knows that it would be such a grueling and expensive and difficult-to-prove process that there’s no hope in trying, to the point that no pundit on TV has even suggested a lawsuit as a possibility. Despite the fact that everyone knows who was behind these attacks.

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Imagine the trajectory: If you dare to be a white, Christian Republican, good luck getting any justice. No, instead you’ll get what the left thinks you deserve.

What’s at stake is more of this. Right now, nearly 70 federal judgeships are currently vacant. That’s nearly 10 percent of U.S. District Court judges. Just imagine 70 new Hillary-approved judges, all promoting transgender bathrooms, open borders, anti-gun laws, anti-capitalist, you-name-it agendas.

This is the real issue — not stupid knee-jerk reactions by politicians all too willing to sell out a teammate and too afraid to focus on the bigger issues.

I guess we can’t expect much. Sock puppets don’t have spines.

Mark Anderson holds a Doctorate in Business Administration, is a business strategist, and the host of the I Spy Radio Show, Oregon’s 2nd largest radio network.

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