First and most importantly, I am saddened and distraught over the deaths of so many innocent people at the hands of a terrorist.

Second, I am writing this under anonymity with concern over the loss of friendships in the gay community, as well as for personal safety. We can see the results of what happens to Trump supporters, especially gay ones, at recent Trump rallies. We get sucker-punched by left-wing protesters.

Rolling a piano in front of Pulse and playing “Imagine” alongside a candlelight vigil won’t bring about any change.

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Third, I wish that I did not have to make this a political issue. Unfortunately, terrible events are often key opportunities to politicize something that is worthy of being politicized. Let’s be honest: Rolling a piano in front of the Pulse night club and playing “Imagine” alongside a candlelight vigil won’t bring about any change. As a gay community, we’ll go back to brunch and Beyonce. Most of us will vote Hillary. If she wins, she will insist on restricting the Second Amendment while importing more of the very same people whose ideology align with the terrorist who just killed 50 of our friends. That’s just the truth. No one seems to want to admit it.

The left and the mainstream media have already pushed the mass shooting narrative as an issue of gun control, largely bypassing the inconvenient fact the terrorist screamed “Allahu Akbar” as he shot innocent civilians celebrating Gay Pride.

This is about guns as much as 9/11 was about airplanes. At the moment I first thought to write this, President Obama was on the television. I had the TV on mute because I know what he would say without having to listen. Islamic terrorism would not be mentioned (it wasn’t). There will be something about love being greater than hate, a push for gun control and weak nods to everything being done to prevent a similar event from happening in the future.

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The truth is, the terrorist was a radical Islamist who targeted a gay club because gay people are despised by that ideology. It is a ideological political movement masquerading as a religion.

I can hear my gay friends reading this, blinded by the left and their media mouthpieces, infuriated. “This isn’t about Islam! Islam is a religion of peace!” Everyone who believes that should try this simple test: Head east to (insert name of Islamic country here). You’ll be drowned in a steel cage or thrown off a roof quicker than you could sing a Cher song from start to finish. Women? Good luck. Hillary doesn’t seem to mind the human rights abuses suffered by either women or gays in these countries — that may have something to do with their sizable donations to the Clinton Foundation.

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I know what liberals will say — Christians and Jews have scripture that justify anti-gay stances, just as Islam does. The problem with that argument is that Jews don’t throw gays off buildings in routine fashion across Israel. Wouldn’t we all agree Israel is a Jewish state? They just had a world-renowned Gay Pride parade in Tel Aviv. No problems. Lots of love.

So spare me the historic accounts of Christians killing gays. My time machine is fresh out of batteries. Go a few hundred miles into Saudi Arabia or Islamic State today, you’ll get jailed or thrown off a roof.

So what do Clinton and Obama propose to do? Ban guns and import more refugees who may be radicalized. The FBI director says there is no way for us to know with certainty whether they are — no need to verify, just trust.

This particular terrorist was a professional security guard with all the requisite licenses to buy guns. What gun restriction would you place on him? He was background-checked. What current gun control measure or extended background check would have prevented this?

A little education for those uninformed: This nonsense about assault rifle bans needs to be discussed. We had an assault rifle ban from 1994 through 2004, yet we still had mass shootings. Remember Columbine? There was an assault rifle ban then. While assault weapons are deadly, they are not inherently more deadly than any other semi-automatic weapons. A knife is a deadly weapon in the hand of someone who wants to kill.

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Myself included, most gay people live in urban areas where police response times are quite swift. Who are we to tell Joe and Jane Farmer that live in rural areas with a 20- to 40-minute police response time that they cannot protect themselves in the event of a break-in? A wild hog charging their child? I am from the rural South, and I know I have shot one of the latter in my lifetime in a very scary Me vs. Hog scenario.

The problem here is radical Islam. It is not guns. It is homophobia, but sourced from a distorted Islamist ideology. This is not a mass shooting in the CNN sense of “There is a white guy shooting people with guns — Obama to speak in 20 minutes.” It is not the mass shooting of the daily Chicago variety that Obama doesn’t seem compelled to hold news conferences about.

Time to wake up, everyone. I am not on board with any plan to remove people’s means of protection while importing those who wish to cause harm. I’m on board to Make America Great Again. I am not #WithHer.