Clintons: Masters of the Cover-Up

The politically corrupt powerhouse couple has been covering its tracks for years

Hillary Clinton claims she’s as transparent as a jellyfish, but the scandals that plague her candidacy and her husband’s eight-year presidency show the deceit and deception surrounding the Clinton name. Yet somehow, like Shakespeare’s famous Scottish couple, they always get off scot-free.

Bill Clinton created the late Friday document dump and his wife has now adopted the same strategy in order to keep the press from sniffing around in her shady dealings.

Bill Clinton created the late Friday document dump and his wife has now adopted the same strategy in order to keep the press from sniffing around in her shady dealings. Hillary made it a point to emphasize that she released 55,000 of her emails, but the contents of those emails were released piecemeal over a series of late Friday afternoons.

What’s more, instead of handing over a digital copy of the emails from her private server, Clinton directed her staff to physically print out every single email, making them more difficult to search. And, of course, she deleted some 30,000 she deemed “personal.”

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The email scandal has been damning for Hillary as she tries to overcome the public’s perception that she is untrustworthy and dishonest. Just last week, a 78-page State Department Inspector General audit was released that showed Hillary didn’t ask permission to use her own private email server during her tenure as secretary of state, and that if she had, the IG wouldn’t have approved it.

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Furthermore, Hillary’s use of a private email server never would have been discovered had a House committee not investigated the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi during Clinton’s State Department term.Benghazi was a Clinton masterpiece. First, both she and President Obama blamed an anti-Muslim YouTube video that had nothing to do with the violent attack. Then, for 10 days, the pair denied knowledge of a terrorist attack.

Finally, after two weeks, both relented — a bit — and said they were merely going by preliminary intelligence. The whole fiasco got dumped into a federal investigation, allowing the two to remain mute on the matter. Then, the White House and State Department stonewalled for months (Hillary even claimed illness to skip a House hearing in which she was to testify). Finally, as info dripped out, Clinton uttered the now famous line: “What difference, at this point, does it make?” A classic Clintonian scandal.

But the whole sordid affair — which barely caused a ripple in the mainstream media — is just SOP for the Clintons.

For instance, in October 2014, the Clinton Presidential Library released (on a Friday) almost 10,000 pages of secret documents that shed new light on the Clinton White House. The never-before-seen records showed how the White House handled Hillary’s failure on health care reform, scandals, and, of course, the infamous Monica Lewinsky affair. The documents showed the great lengths the administration went to keep the members of the health care task force and its proceedings secret — undoubtedly to protect Hillary.

But most telling of all is that the documents showed that the Clinton White House was steadfast in its desire to control the media through selective leaks, even taking pride in their “document dumps.”

When it came to Bill’s inappropriate sexual activities with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, the president repeatedly lied to the American people. Bill famously denied any wrongdoing at a press conference in January 1998. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky,” the adulterer said. But he did, and his eventual perjury led to his impeachment.

Another scandal that plagued the Clintons is Travelgate. Once again, Hillary was at the center of a scandal since she indirectly had seven employees from the White House travel office fired and replaced with Clinton cronies from Arkansas. Of course, there are no documents or records to be found, so Hillary had the FBI investigate the head of the travel office, Billy Dale — ultimately ruining his career and reputation.

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Then there’s Whitewater, a scandal where the Clintons were business partners in a questionable real estate development firm (Whitewater Development Corp.) in Arkansas. The scandal centered around unethical campaign contributions and tax benefits — friends of the Clintons took the fall and served jail time, but the self-serving pair walked away unscathed.

The cronyism doesn’t stop there. Now there are “pay to play” allegations against the Clinton Foundation. When Hillary became secretary of state, she said the Foundation would make necessary disclosures, but of course that didn’t always happen as the Clintons continued to rake in the dough through paid speeches and donations.

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A majority of the companies and organizations that paid for Hillary to speak had government ties. A review conducted by The Associated Press found that more than one-third of Hillary’s paid speeches between 2013 and 2015 were to government contractors or groups that directly lobbied federal agencies — more than likely hoping to get their interests protected if she gets elected to the presidency. Furthermore, the review also found that 22 of the groups lobbied the State Department while Hillary served as secretary of state.

In March Clinton praised herself, saying she’s been transparent. “I’ve been more transparent than anybody I can think of in public life,” Clinton said to CBS News. A laughable statement, considering that new secrets are exposed daily regarding the less-than-transparent actions of her and her husband.

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