Imagine reciting the rosary as you sit prayerfully, respectfully, inside your own parish church — only to be commanded, out of the blue, by volunteer workers helping a group of refugees newly arrived to your area (and of a different faith entirely) that you need to keep your voice down.

One of the female parishioners who had been reciting the rosary asked if the migrants couldn’t be taken to another church.

Why? Because your beautiful and loving prayers to Almighty God, in your own local house of worship, have been disturbing the Muslim migrants who are now living there.

That’s what some of the Christian faithful sitting in the pews of the church of St. Anthony in Ventimiglia, Italy, were told recently by volunteers of Caritas, a Catholic charity that has been assisting the vast numbers of European migrants, including providing them with meals and other accommodations.

This latest insult to Christians and the deference to the newly arrived Muslims from Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere has upset a great many people.

“We have now entered an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ world where everything is upside down,” Fr. Ben Kiely, a Catholic priest and founder of, which is helping the persecuted Christians of the Middle East, told LifeZette.

“Europe is committing cultural suicide,” Fr. Kiely added. “It has lost its heart and its soul. As Pope Benedict so wisely reminded us, the foundation of Europe is Christianity. When you destroy a building’s foundation, it collapses. This is what we are watching.”

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In response to the instruction to keep their voices down, one of the female parishioners who had been reciting the rosary asked if the migrants couldn’t be taken to another church. That way, she could continue to pray in peace in her own church.

At that point Don Rito, the parish priest, appeared and proceeded to escort her and other church visitors to another church, according to a report in Breitbart.

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In response to news reports of the silencing of Christians in their own church, people took to social media to share their objections. “They [Muslims] can take over the streets, parks, and public places to pray five times a day, but Christians can’t pray vocally, in their own church?” wrote one person. “Hypocrisy!”

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Another wrote, “That’s what the enemy wants. A silent Christian.”

Others criticized the Catholic Church as well as Pope Francis for helping the migrants to the detriment of Christians in Europe. “The Catholic Church is so wrong for bowing to this,” said one person.

Hundreds of migrants have been pouring into the Northern Italian town of Ventimiglia, home to some 55,000 people. These migrants have crossed into the town in the hope of traveling to France from there. The town is struggling to accommodate the needs of these migrants — dozens of whom had to be vaccinated recently because of an apparent outbreak of chicken pox among the guests at St. Anthony’s Church, the account in Breitbart also noted.

This is not the first time Christian churches in Europe have bowed, if you will, to a Muslim agenda. The Archbishop of Canterbury recently told members of churches in England that they shouldn’t share their faith with Muslims, WND reported. It also said nearly every major city in Britain has a Muslim enclave and that the country has absorbed 20,000 or more Syrian refugees.