Liberals have a special talent for devising solutions that only exacerbate the problems they are trying to address. Indeed, it is this talent that keeps the left in business.

Liberals identify a “problem,” make it even worse through government intervention, and voila — brand new problems arise for which, according to liberals, the only possible solution is more government intervention.

But don’t expect the left to take pause for self-reflection and question its own social policy proposals. Whether their policies succeed or fail, it’s a win-win for the left.

The most recent example of the left’s inherent ability to take something that may need a little fixing and break it beyond all hope of repair is Obamacare.

Heralded as the magic elixir that would cure the problem of expensive health insurance and provide coverage to millions of uninsured Americans, the Affordable Care Act actually resulted in skyrocketing insurance costs, and millions of Americans losing their plans.

Now, it currently threatens to undermine the entire private healthcare industry. Private insurance companies simply cannot operate in the Obamacare exchanges — the subsidies they were counting on to cover the costs of offering health insurance have not materialized at anywhere near the promised levels.

Legions of young people opted to pay the penalty rather than pay for insurance they did not need, and the measures taken by the Obama administration to cover the shortfall in cost-sharing subsidies was deemed unconstitutional by a federal judge.

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Obamacare as it stands is unsustainable, and many on the left are calling for the introduction of a single-payer socialized system in order to once again “fix” America’s health care system. Many on the right maintain this was the plan all along, that Obamacare was intentionally designed to fail and take the private health insurance market down with it.

While one cannot be certain whether or not Obamacare was intended to fail in order to provide an opening for the implementation of a single-payer system, one can indeed be certain that in continuing Obama’s agenda, Hillary Clinton will continue the left’s track record of breaking things and then offering equally destructive solutions to “fix” them.

Clinton claims to care deeply for the American middle class and the American working man. “My job as your president will be to do everything I can to create more good-paying jobs, to get wages rising again for American workers and families,” she said in December 2015.

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Yet Clinton’s website also expresses her desire to create a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens, enabling “millions of workers to come out of the shadows.” That combined with her support for free trade deals make for a platform entirely antithetical to rising wages for American families.

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Indeed, it is hardly surprising that Clinton and the left favor a welfare state — the policies they favor in almost every other sphere result in skyrocketing unemployment. Arbitrary minimum wage laws drive up unemployment. Complicated regulations that stifle business growth and discourage entrepreneurship ultimately drive up unemployment.

Environmental regulations that force the closure of coal mines drive up unemployment. And globalization that results in the offshoring of American jobs and creates a widening gap between rich and poor drives up unemployment. Clinton supports all of those things.

Even Clinton’s education policy could have devastating effects on employment. “We need to make a quality education affordable and available to everyone willing to work for it, without saddling them with decades of debt.”

But the more people with the same degree, the less that degree is worth. Indeed, there is currently such a surplus of lawyers that graduating students from some of the nation’s top law schools have trouble finding jobs.

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If those with postgraduate degrees in law can’t find jobs, it is highly unlikely that a proliferation of young people with undergraduate degrees in women’s studies and social justice will do much to solve America’s unemployment crisis.

The left’s offering remedies that turn out to be poisons is not new. Indeed, the welfare-dependency, crime, and family breakdown endemic to inner city black communities — for which the left is quick to blame white people and slow to offer any actual solutions — is the direct result of Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson’s big government attempts to end poverty.

But don’t expect the left to take pause for self-reflection and question its own social policy proposals. Whether their policies succeed or fail, it’s a win-win for the left.

If their proposals actually manage to succeed, liberals would look good and get valuable political credit for implementing them. If their proposals fail — which they inevitably do — liberals get more Americans unable to support themselves and reliant on big government and the welfare state for survival.