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Sally Miller was once a beauty queen with a bright future. Instead, this resident of Little Rock, Arkansas, has spent years fighting what she calls the “Hillary Clinton smear machine.” She even traveled as far as China in the mid-1990s to escape what she said was harassment by the Clintons after a 1983 affair she had with then-Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton came to light.

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Miller, now 77 and previously known as Sally Perdue, is set to release a book about her life and her alleged affair with Bill Clinton entitled, “The Beauty Queen: Let No Deed Go Unpublished.”

“She has always tried to paint me as part of the so-called ‘Bimbo Eruption,'” Miller, in an exclusive interview, told LifeZette about Hillary Clinton. “But I’m not a victim. I’m an American with rights. And I have already challenged Bob Woodward [and others] to come investigate my story.”

Syndicated columnist Cal Thomas echoed Miller’s challenge to the media, saying recently on Fox News, “Shouldn’t The New York Times and some of those 20 Washington Post reporters who are investigating Trump be spun off to investigate Miller’s claims?”

Candice E. Jackson, an attorney and the author of “Their Lives: The Women Targeted by The Clinton Machine,” agreed with that challenge. “The Clintons, when you’re talking about their methods of harassment and intimidation, are brilliant at using intermediaries and third parties to threaten women,” said Jackson. “Their hands stay so clean, it’s impressive. And the media looks the other way entirely.”

“Come check out my claims,” says Miller today. (photos courtesy Sally Miller)

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Miller, of course, is not the only woman to say she’s had an affair with Bill Clinton, or that she’d been victimized by the Clintons. Aside from Monica Lewinsky (with whom Bill Clinton admitted to having an “inappropriate relationship” in 1995 and 1996, a scandal that led to his impeachment), other accusers and victims include Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Eileen Wellstone, Carolyn Moffet, and Elizabeth Ward Gracen.

‘Hi, I’m Bill. What’s Your Name?’
A former Miss Arkansas, Sally Miller is articulate and well spoken. A graduate of Lindenwood College (now Lindenwood University) in St. Charles, Missouri, she holds a master’s degree in education from Regent University in Virginia and has had various broadcast and teaching careers. She received Lindenwood’s 1991 Alumni Merit Award for professional accomplishment, and she has walked the entire length of the Great Wall of China.

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Back in 1973, she was going through a difficult divorce as the mother of two young daughters. She was working as an aide in the state Senate at the Arkansas Capitol building when her life was changed forever.

“I was walking down the hall in the Capitol one day, and this man came up to me and said, “Hi, I’m Bill. What’s your name?”

Home from Oxford University at the time, Bill Clinton was a political wannabe back then. Miller said nothing came of their first encounter, but 10 years later, she and Clinton ran into each other again. By then he was married to Hillary (they wed in 1975) and he was governor of Arkansas. Miller said it was then, in 1983, that she and Bill began an affair that lasted three months.

When Miller told him she was running for mayor of her home town of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Clinton stopped calling on her and coming around, she said. When she saw him at an event a month later, he just nodded at her. And that was that — or so she thought.

A resident of Little Rock, Arkansas, Miller, 77, says an FBI agent told her, “Lady, you need to get protection. They’re after you.”

In 1992 Miller was working at Lindenwood College, her alma mater, after touring China and holding various communications jobs, when her phone rang. It was a reporter from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. The paper was running a story the next day about her affair with Bill Clinton. Several state troopers had come forward, detailing the president’s many liaisons. Would she like to make a comment?

“I felt like I dropped down an elevator shaft,” said Miller. “My kids would know. Everyone would know.”

The story was published the next day — and soon after that, she lost her job at the college. “This was when Hillary started to [metaphorically] chain-choke me,” Miller said. Miller firmly believes that Hillary Clinton began to target her not only for the affair, but for other reasons as well. “I was a beauty queen, and I was a trained communicator. She didn’t want me talking.”

In Miller’s opinion, Hillary Clinton was “sort of a Woodstock feminist back when I had the affair with Bill. She had big clunky glasses, big clunky sandals, and she called herself Hillary Rodham — she didn’t take her husband’s name. She didn’t fit into the Arkansan culture back then — we’re called the Bible Belt for a reason. She couldn’t have made it politically in Chicago, so she came to Arkansas. She saw Bill as a stepping stone, and Arkansas as a stepping stone.”

[lz_table title=”Bill Clinton’s Alleged Relationships” source=”Outsiderclub.com”]|Eileen Wellstone,1969
| Dolly Kyle Browning,1970s-1992
Bill’s former classmate
|Gennifer Flowers,1977/1980-1992
|Juanita Broaddrick,1978
Nursing home admin.
|Carolyn Moffet,1979
Legal secretary
|Regina Blakely Hopper,Late ’70s
1983 Miss Arkansas
|Elizabeth Ward Gracen,1982
1981 Miss Arkansas/1982 Miss America
|Sally Miller (Perdue),1983
1958 Miss Arkansas
|Connie Hamzy,1984
Author of “Rock Groupie”
|Becky Brown,1985
Chelsea Clinton’s nanny
|Helen Dowdy,1986
Wife of Hillary’s cousin
|Sandra Allen James,1991
Political fundraiser
|Paula Jones,1991
AK state worker
|Christy Zercher,1991/1992
Flight attendant
|Kathleen Willey,1993
WH volunteer
|Monica Lewinsky,1995
WH intern
|Julie ‘Energizer’ McMahon,2008-Present
Mother of three children

A few months later, the back window of Miller’s locked Jeep Cherokee was shot out — from the inside. She also found shotgun shells inside the car. “I got the message loud and clear,” said Miller. “‘We can get you, locked or unlocked.'”

When that incident occurred, “I went to the local police and filed a report, and they told me to go to the FBI in St. Charles, Missouri, where I also filed a report,” said Miller. “On the way out of the FBI, a car almost ran me over. The agent I was standing with said, ‘Lady, you need to get protection. They’re all after you.'”

Jackson shared her thoughts on this subject. “For a long time, the Clintons were successful by developing a group of loyalists from their early Arkansas days,” said Jackson. “The team used a predictable pattern of a combination of bribery, threats, and harassment.”

Said Sally Miller, “Dick Morris left the Clintons, and afterward he [claimed] that [private investigator] Jack Palladino did it, and that his orders came from Hillary.”

Kathleen Willey’s 2007 book “Target” includes an alleged admission by Palladino that he was hired by Hillary Clinton to investigate Willey, and that he was responsible for acts of harassment and intimidation designed to silence her testimony about sexual assault by Bill Clinton.

In a January 31, 1999, article detailing mainstream media coverage of Palladino’s tactics, SFGate.com wrote, “A Wall Street Journal editorial called on Clinton to issue a ‘blanket apology’ to everyone who’d had to deal with Palladino. New York Times columnist William Safire labeled the detective one of the ‘low-lifes’ who ‘do well by doing ill.’ Nation magazine writer Alexander Cockburn applied a Nixonian taint, calling him one of ‘the White House plumbers.'”

While the Clinton assemblage was being adored by the masses in China, Miller said her life was being turned upside-down — literally.

Miller said she also endured a chilling episode in which a Hillary Clinton operative named Ron Tucker offered her a federal job over lunch — then threatened to break her “pretty little legs” when she refused. “He said they [the Clinton operatives] knew I jogged alone, and that ‘if you kill the messenger, I can’t be responsible,'” she said.

LifeZette reached out to the Hillary Clinton campaign for comment about Sally Miller’s alleged affair with Bill Clinton, but did not hear back.

Travel Trauma
In 1994, broke, on food stamps, and separated from her daughters after a family dispute, Miller was working a part-time radio-hosting gig when she received a call from the Chinese consulate in Chicago. “They invited me back to China, and they asked if I would return and teach at their only broadcasting institute,” said Miller. “I said, ‘How soon can you get me there?’ They said, ‘We can have you on a plane in 48 hours.'”

“I was in heaven in China. I loved it,” Miller said. “I attended an historic old Catholic church in the heart of Beijing, where they gave me earphones and translated the service for me. I worked at the broadcast institute, and also worked part-time teaching English for Coca-Cola. They knew nothing of the scandal regarding me and the Clintons, and I was so happy.”

But four years later, in 1998, the Clintons came to China with then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. While the Clinton assemblage was being adored by the masses, Miller said her life was being turned upside-down — literally.

“I came home — I was living in a Communist-run hotel in Beijing, and the general manager opened the door, apologizing. ‘I couldn’t help it, Miss Sally,’ he was saying, upset. ‘Four men in suits and sunglasses and four Chinese military came in and disassembled your room, and took photographs of all your belongings, your files, your papers, everything. They also took apart your ceiling.'”

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“They told the manager that I had a history of smuggling weapons and dope, so they pulled my ceiling down in a big show,” said Miller. “I knew then that it was Hillary,” she alleged. “They went after my reputation in China.”

The next day, Miller said she got a call from the American embassy, telling her she could not attend the popular pearl market, as she did each Saturday. Why? Because the Clintons would be there. “I wondered, how did the embassy know I went to the pearl market each Saturday?” said Miller.

The next day an embassy attorney called her. “Tomorrow you cannot enter your Chinese Christian church,” Miller said someone told her. “The Clinton delegation will be there. If you try to come in, you will be detained by both Chinese and American military.” So Sally Miller stayed home.

A week later, Miller went to the pearl market and saw a vendor she knew. The vendor showed her giant pictures of the Clintons and Secretary Albright. “‘These are my friends now,’ she told me. ‘They are going to bring me to America and introduce me to their wealthy friends.'”

That Sunday, Miller attended her church as usual — and both the headphones and interpreter were gone. A week after that, Miller was fired from her job at Coca-Cola. Everything else then fell apart for her in China, she said — her reputation ruined by the rumors of guns and drugs, she claimed.

Named Miss Arkansas in 1958, Miller said she has “nothing to hide,” she told LifeZette.

“If it had been one person making these claims, it would be easy to dismiss Sally,” said Jackson of Miller’s claims against Hillary Clinton. “But it’s been a pattern over time with many victims. You can’t dismiss it.”

Miller said she welcomes further inquiry by investigators. “Come and check it out. Look into what I’m saying.”

In her own book, Jackson delved into the motis operandi of the Clinton smear brigade, all done against the backdrop of the liberal media’s fawning adoration of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

“The ‘nuts‐or‐sluts smear tactic,’ as the National Organization for Women eventually called it, proved useful against many women,” Jackson wrote about female victims of the Clintons in her 2006 book.

Elsewhere in the same chapter, she wrote, “In May 1994, not long after Paula Jones emerged on the scene, The Washington Post acknowledged that Sally Perdue’s story existed — but only in an article denigrating the British press for picking up stories on Clinton’s sex life that the American press wouldn’t touch.” (Perdue is Miller’s former married name.)

“Hillary’s mystique is crumbling more and more today — there’s a new generation of women who don’t have this need to prioritize a feminist agenda over being a decent person,” Jackson said. “Hillary was hands-on in helping her team to discredit women and blame it on a right-wing conspiracy. She has no regard for women as people and for what this will do to their lives.”

Miller remains defiant, recently posting on her Facebook page an open letter to Hillary Clinton. “I have nothing to hide. And I own a gun — I can take care of myself.”