Ingraham to Trump: Ignore Establishment Demands

Elites 'at war' with voters and refusing to learn from their primary trouncing

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Republican elites in Washington won’t rethink their priorities despite the overwhelming rejection of their agenda by voters in the GOP Primary season, LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham said Thursday on “The Sean Hannity Show” on Fox News. Instead, figures like House Speaker Paul Ryan will try to leverage their support of Donald Trump to extract concessions from the now-presumptive Republican nominee.

“I think they’re at war with the voters of the Republican Party,” Ingraham told Hannity. “Trump was said to have peaked in February … They said he didn’t have the temperament, they said all these statements are going to turn the people off, but the people have rejected the globalization agenda. They have rejected open borders. They think the city that I’m sitting in right now is corrupt to the gills and they want it changed.”

Ingraham noted that, even though Trump was at times “raw and rough,” he also won election after election. Yet still, “Republicans have not rallied to the globalization agenda.” Trump has won 27 primaries and more popular votes than Mitt Romney in 2012, with a handful of primaries still to go.

Ingraham suggested that the power-player Republicans who are refusing to back the presumptive GOP nominee should “moderate their views” and “get on board with Trump.” She noted that political elitists such as Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Ryan, and McConnell may represent “some big donors” and some other elites in Washington, but “they don’t represent the majority of the Republican Party.”

Hannity said there is another “war” at hand, one that involves “high-ranking Republicans” who are “sabotaging” Donald Trump’s efforts.

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“I think they are either going to sabotage his efforts, or they’re trying to almost extort him to change his mind,” Ingraham said, noting that party power players attempted to get Ronald Reagan to choose Gerald Ford as his running mate in 1980.

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