The Very Beatable Hillary

Democratic front-runner is not as invincible as she thinks ... or as the mainstream media says

The Democratic primary has been anything but a coronation for Hillary Clinton, a candidate plagued with an ongoing FBI investigation, high unfavorables, and being painted as the ultimate insider by her undaunted primary opponent. Clinton’s primary fight is far from over — Bernie Sanders vows to stay in the race as he continues to win states.

After Clinton’s Big Apple win, she thought she could put Sanders in her rear-view mirror and pivot toward the general election, but he keeps chugging along like the little engine that could. The attacks hurled by the Sanders campaign at Clinton could have a lasting impact on her campaign going forward, something she will have to overcome going into what is sure to be a contentious general election. Clinton was supposed to be gearing up for a general election, but instead she is going in tattered and torn.

Sanders isn’t her only problem, though. There’s a serious FBI investigation into the private email server that she used during her tenure as secretary of state. The findings so far have been explosive and have had disastrous effects on her trustworthiness numbers.

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At the heart of the investigation is the susceptibility of her home-brew server and whether or not she put national security at risk through the sending and receiving of classified information. With the upcoming investigations of longtime aides of Clinton as well as herself, the investigation is heading into a very serious phase that will determine whether or not there is a case to criminally prosecute Clinton for her actions — just as the race for the White House heats up.

What’s more, Clinton’s poll numbers are terrible when it comes to honesty and trustworthiness. Many voters have a negative opinion of her, according to polling from various outlets. The most recent one, a Washington Post/ABC News poll conducted in March, showed that 57 percent of people think Clinton is dishonest and untrustworthy.

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Likability has been a huge issue that has plagued Clinton’s presidential campaigns since 2008. How could we forget the 2008 Democratic primary, when then-Sen. Barack Obama took a shot at Clinton in the last debate before the New Hampshire primary? “You’re likable enough, Hillary,” Obama said. While she went on to win the New Hampshire primary, the comment left a dark mark on her campaign — one she is still battling now. Without Donald Trump in the race, Hillary Clinton would be the most unpopular presidential candidate in United States history.

If all of those issues weren’t enough, Clinton is the ultimate Washington insider who has favor with the Democratic Establishment — a kiss of death in the year of the outsider. Sanders’ rise in popularity is rooted in his staunch opposition to everything that Clinton and the Clinton name stands for. People are ready for real change and are revolting against the status quo, something that could prove dangerous for her candidacy in the general election when matched up against an outsider like Trump.

As the GOP, having identified its presumptive nominee, begins to unify, the beleaguered Democratic front-runner faces significant challenges as she stumbles on toward the general election.