Wisconsin: Serious Danger for Trump

Establishment pulls out all the stops to guarantee a Cruz victory

Wisconsin is a battlefield and the state that could make or break the candidacy of GOP front-runner Donald Trump. A Fox Business poll released on Thursday showed the GOP front-runner down 10 points to his rival Sen. Ted Cruz.

The Badger State is the prime example of Establishment strength in numbers when it comes to endorsements and money. But the demographics of Wisconsin are favorable to Trump, with the state being largely white and blue-collar. Many voters have seen job losses in manufacturing and jobs outsourced — playing into Trump’s tough talk on trade.

Although the demographics have traditionally been favorable to Trump in other early contests, Wisconsin is proving to be very different. Among white evangelicals, Cruz is winning with 49 percent support compared to Trump’s 28 percent. It’s not just white evangelicals that Trump is losing ground with but with those with no college degree. Among those without a college education, Cruz is leading with 44 percent support to Trump’s 34 percent.

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[lz_table title=”Wisconsin Republican Presidential Primary” source=”Fox Business Network”]Among Republican Primary Voters
Ted Cruz,42%
Donald Trump,32%
|Among White Evangelicals
Ted Cruz,49%
Donald Trump,28%
|Among Non-College Voters
Ted Cruz,44%
Donald Trump,34%

It is no secret that members of the Establishment have joined in a united effort to hand a Wisconsin victory to Cruz. Walker’s endorsement a week prior to the Wisconsin primary was a resounding message sent by the Establishment that the Badger State would put up a fight to prevent Trump from winning its 42 delegates.

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Millions of dollars are being spent in Wisconsin to pull off a big win for Cruz, which would undoubtedly stop the Trump momentum and prove to dejected Republican donors that the billionaire businessman is not infallible.

According to The Hill, Club for Growth is one of the main conservative groups shelling out millions on attack ads against Trump. “We really see it as a game changer,” said Doug Sachtleben, communications director at the Club for Growth.

What’s more, both the Club for Growth and Our Principles PAC (an anti-Trump super PAC) have spent nearly $2 million in Wisconsin on television ads.

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Wisconsin will serve as a litmus test as to whether or not the Establishment can actually take Trump down in a concerted effort — it is also the Establishment’s last stand if the plan fails. But if Trump fails to win in Wisconsin, it could prove his vulnerability against the Establishment machine as anti-Trump sentiment grows, likely taking the race to a contested convention.

Trump has entered dangerous territory with the Establishment looking to challenge his candidacy on a state-by-state basis.

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