In Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, thousands lined up Monday outside the Mohegan Sun Arena for Donald Trump’s rally ahead of the state’s Tuesday primary. In addition to talking about Lyin’ Ted and Crooked Hillary, Trump spoke about minorities and unemployment, bashing President Obama for doing nothing to help the African-American community. He blamed Obama for the great division among different minority groups.

Recently, the GOP front-runner has touched on jobs and economic renewal more than usual. He highlighted the unemployment problem African-Americans are facing in America, citing the shocking fact that 59 percent of black youth are unemployed.

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Trump said that minorities have not done well under Obama and have faced immense struggles during his presidency. On Tuesday, several minorities called in to “The Laura Ingraham Show,” saying they believed Trump was the only candidate who could turn things around.

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The businessman said Obama is to blame. “We have a tremendously divided country: white and black … everybody is at odds,” Trump said at the rally. “There is tremendous division because Obama is a tremendous divider, and he’s done nothing for African-American people.”

The candidate has long been criticized by his opponents as being too offensive and unconnected to minorities. However, the new “presidential” Trump seems to be making quite the impression on voters. His confidence filled the Pennsylvania arena.

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“There’s love in these rooms, and we’re going to bring love to the whole country,” Trump said. “We’re going to win Pennsylvania in the general.”