Australian actor Chris Hemsworth recently appeared on a television show with Ellen DeGeneres and talked about how his 4-year-old daughter desperately wants to be a boy.

“My daughter’s kind of envious of my [2-year-old twin] boys at the moment,” said Hemsworth. “She came to me the other day and said, ‘Papa, I want one of those things that [her brothers] Sasha and Tristan have … the thing between their legs.’

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“I was like, ‘You know what? You can be whatever you want to be,'” the actor said he responded to his young daughter.

In response, Huffington Post gushed that this was “the perfect answer.”

“This is how you do parenting,” said the publication.

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Really? Did this father not just further confuse his very young daughter and play right along with today’s misleading mainstream culture?

The idea that gender is malleable and evolving has become all the rage — and gone over the top. The truth is that most people in this country and around the globe grow up understanding their chromosomes and established sex at birth are scientific facts.

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Bruce Jenner’s bizarre transformation into a woman and numerous lawsuits regarding the use of public bathrooms have popularized the current idea of self-identity.

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Experts shed light on Hemsworth’s answer to his daughter — and some call it far from perfect.

“Chris Hemsworth’s comment to his daughter is concerning on several levels. First, it really is not true that one can be whatever one wants to be. We all have limitations,” psychologist Dr. Richard Lanham, Jr., of Silver Spring, Maryland, told LifeZette.

In addition, “Mr. Hemsworth’s response does not affirm his daughter’s value in being a girl,” said Lanham.

As if it weren’t already obvious that they should do so, clinical psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere of New York City noted that parents must take a strong leadership role in this issue.

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“A child who wants to be another gender usually may have to deal with gender dysphoria and the wrath or scrutiny of society, so it is important that parents help their kids through this complex and emotional journey,” Gardere told LifeZette. “It should also be pointed out that some children who want to be another gender may be simply curious and may eventually stay with the gender to which they were born.”

Lanham worries that parents such as Hemsworth are “not letting kids be kids and are sexualizing them far too early.”

If Hemsworth wants to do parenting right, he should remain sensitive to his daughter’s curiosity — but remind her that being a girl is pretty cool as well. And keep in mind that — after all — she’s only four.