The Millennial Rant That Has Everyone Talking

'We're just existing — we're entitled'

The only thing millennials can seem to generate at a steady pace these days is confusion and animosity — which has resulted in yet another person stepping up and apologizing on behalf of Generation Y in its entirety.

In this particular case, however, Alexis Bloomer is a millennial herself. In a video rant that has been viewed more than 41 million times on Facebook (yes, 41 million), she has struck a chord with members of the nation’s older generations — though she didn’t say anything that hasn’t already been said. Bloomer essentially blasted her generation en masse for a lack of manners and a lack of respect toward their elders.

“Like, why are we so entitled? Because we don’t deserve to be, and we were raised better than this,” she says in part in her video. “I think that our generation — I always wonder what we’re going to be remembered by, and I, for one, want to break that stereotype and to prove that my parents raised me better. Don’t you?”

She’s brave for saying what many people think. “We don’t respect our elders — we don’t even respect our country,” she said. “We’re stepping on our flag instead of stepping up to volunteer. And we mock the men and women that are fighting for us, but we praise the people that are fighting each other, guys.”

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However, those who do most of the complaining about millennials are generally the ones who have raised the millennials they are complaining about. So, in essence, they’re slamming themselves in some way. Members of previous generations were also raised very differently than most millennials were raised — so one could argue millennials are being compared to past generations on an uneven plane.

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One of Bloomer’s arguments is, “We’re just existing. We’re not really contributing anything to society.” This blanket comment doesn’t completely hold water. The next time you go to use Dropbox, Facebook, Uber, or Airbnb, remember that all of those businesses were envisioned and built by millennials. They are the ones, in many cases, who are reshaping our society.

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To give this Texas journalist credit where credit is due, she did say that not all millennials are bad.

She got some other things right: “We listen to really obscene music that degrades women and pretty much glorifies drugs and crime” — that’s one of them. She also scoffed at the fact that young people idolize such figures as Kim Kardashian.

Bloomer, who has her own website and some 11,000 followers on Facebook, told “Fox & Friends” she believed her raw, personal opinion, expressed on video, would resonate with possible viewers.

She noted her message wasn’t just to her generation, but to herself — “because I’m guilty of doing some of the things that I mentioned in the video … It was a call to action more than a rant, just telling all of us that we should step up and prove people wrong, that we should be the better generation, not go out with a bad reputation.”

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