In Hillary We Don’t Trust

The Democratic front-runner just can't hide her lyin' eyes

It is no secret that Clinton’s poll numbers are terrible when it comes to honesty and trustworthiness. Many voters have a negative opinion of her according to polling from various outlets. The most recent one conducted in March, a Washington Post/ABC News poll, showed 57 percent of people think that Clinton is dishonest and untrustworthy.

Clinton has a long history of avoiding the truth, and scandals seem to follow her like a shadow wherever she goes.

The strong negatives are unwelcome news for Clinton who still finds herself locked in an intense primary battle against Sen. Bernie Sanders. Her campaign has said that the Sanders campaign needs to change its “tone” if the candidate wishes to debate her. Clearly Sanders is getting under Clinton’s skin as he continues to rack up wins and draw large crowds.

The self-proclaimed socialist has gotten to Clinton so much that she has now started to peg him as untrustworthy, in an effort to take the attention of her own dishonesty.

[lz_bulleted_list title=”Is Hillary Clinton Trustworthy?” source=”Washington Post/ABC News”]57 percent of people think that Clinton is dishonest and untrustworhy|37 percent of people think that Clinton is honest and trustworthy[/lz_bulleted_list]

On Thursday at a Clinton rally in her home state of New York, a Greenpeace activist challenged her on fossil fuel money in her campaign. A visibly agitated Clinton waved her finger in the face of the activist and accused the Sanders campaign of lying. “I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me,” Clinton said.

“I have taken money from people who work for fossil fuel companies,” Clinton said in an odd denial of not accepting money from the companies directly — which would be illegal.

The Center for Responsive Politics combed through Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports show that Clinton’s campaign has taken $307,561 in donations people associated with the oil and gas industries.

[lz_third_party includes=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dC4Pvm6Oj4A”]

A report from America Rising super PAC shows that millions of dollars have been donated by oil companies to the Clinton Foundation. While the Foundation is not officially associated with the campaign one could argue that her close ties and acceptance of donations would pose a serious concern for climate change activists.

What’s more, according to an analysis by the Huffington Post, a majority of the lobbyists who are bundlers for the Clinton campaign have ties to the fossil fuel industry. Research conducted by Greenpeace also backs up the analysis and was touted by the Sanders campaign after the incident.

“It is disappointing that Secretary Clinton has leveled an accusation that just isn’t true,” said Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager. “If you include money given to super PACs backing Clinton, the fossil fuel industry has given more than $4.5 million in support of Clinton’s bid,” he said. “But to call us liars for pointing out basic facts about the secretary’s fundraising is deeply cynical and very disappointing.”

All of this comes on the heels of reports that the FBI investigation into Clinton’s email correspondence is in its final phases as Clinton is set to be probed by FBI director James Comey himself in the coming weeks.

Clinton is probably wishing her bad poll numbers and this latest video would disappear like a bad April Fools joke, but alas, her untrustworthiness can’t be laughed off.