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Hillary’s Department of Illegal Alien Relations

Clinton pledges to spend millions of dollars turning Latino immigrants into Democrat voters

In a prime example of political pandering, Hillary Clinton has announced that she would create a federal Office of Immigrant Affairs if elected president — an entirely new government department with the apparent purpose of turning as many immigrants into citizens as possible.

“I would create the first ever Office of Immigrant Affairs,” she said on Wednesday. “It would build on the work of the Obama administration’s task force.”

Of course, Obama’s task force did everything in its power to allow as many illegal aliens as possible to remain in the U.S. and turn as many as possible into (Democrat-voting) American citizens. This newly-proposed federal department would do the same, coordinating across federal, state, and local governments in order to streamline the naturalization process.

Indeed, on top of the millions of dollars inevitably needed to establish and staff an entirely new government department, Clinton promised to request an addition $15 million in grants to fund “community navigators,” who would be tasked with guiding people through the immigration system.

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“This office will ensure that immigrants, refugees, and their children are able to become fully integrated members of their communities and country,” a Clinton aide said in a statement.

But Clinton and the Democratic Party have long been opposed to any real efforts to integrate or assimilate Spanish-speaking immigrants, and her proposed new department would likely have little purpose other than accelerating the Left’s radical transformation of the country by dramatically increasing the number of foreigners eligible to vote. Some are concerned the proposed department would also help immigrants “navigate” their way onto the welfare rolls. “There’s nothing wrong with encouraging immigrants to assimilate,” noted Jon Feere, legal policy analyst for the Center for Immigration Studies.

But Clinton’s “proposed department would likely assist illegal aliens and their families in obtaining taxpayer-subsidized benefits,” he said. “In other words, it would likely be a taxpayer-subsidized bureaucracy that would help to pass out taxpayer-subsided benefits to foreigners, many of whom may not even belong in the country.”

Clinton’s announcement arrived with an endorsement from the New York State Immigration Action Fund, a PAC which advocates for continued mass immigration and is connected to the New York Immigration Coalition, a George Soros-funded group of pro-illegal immigrant organizations.

Continuing her tried and tested strategy of pandering to ethnic minorities, Clinton’s announcement was likely a calculated move designed to garner Hispanic support ahead of the New York primary on April 19, support she needs desperately as white Democrats continue to flock to Sen. Bernie Sanders. She also appeared with race-baiting Rev. Al Sharpton on Wednesday.

Clinton’s proposed new federal department is perhaps the perfect symbol of the politically correct depths to which the Democratic Party has fallen. Eighty years ago, the Democratic Party advocated spending millions of dollars on new government departments designed to put Americans back to work in a struggling economy. Today’s Democratic Party advocates spending millions of dollars on a new government department designed to bring more foreigners into the country in spite of a struggling economy.

There is a chance that even if Clinton is elected, her department might not deliver everything her campaign promised. Ultimately the “Supreme Court’s decision this year on Obama’s controversial amnesty will likely determine the scope of Clinton’s proposed department,” Feere noted.

“If the Supreme Court rules in favor of Obama’s controversial amnesty this year and Clinton wins the presidency, one should expect this department to be a boon to human smugglers and any foreigner who believes they are above the law.”

Oops, sorry about that.

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