Hillary Says Criminal Probe a ‘Security Review’

Actually, it really is a criminal probe

The controversy-embattled Democratic front-runner, fresh off a scourging primary loss in Wisconsin, is continuing to insist the FBI criminal investigation into her email correspondence is simply a “security review.”

Hillary Clinton appeared on NBC’s “Today” show with Matt Lauer Friday morning and laughed off the notion that she could be criminally charged for wrongdoing regarding the private email server she maintained while serving as secretary of state.

Lauer said Republicans are lining up in the hope that they will get to see Hillary Clinton in handcuffs — to which Clinton responded with a cackle and a surprised, “Oh my goodness.”

“Well, Matt, I know that they live in a world of fantasy and hope, because they have a mess on their hands on the Republican side,” Clinton said. “That is not going to happen, there is not even the remotest chance that is going to happen.”

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But the most astonishing response from Hillary came when she smugly referred to the ongoing FBI investigation as just a “security review” — as though these types of investigations are routine checkups.

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“I think it’s a security review — it’s a security review, and there are lots of those that are conducted in our government all the time,” Clinton said. “And you don’t hear about most of them, but you hear about this one because it does involve me, so that’s why it gets so much attention.”

Actually, Clinton well knows that she is not in the middle of a security review. She is the target of a criminal investigation by the FBI, and a grand jury most likely has been impaneled.

Once again, she has falsely claimed that the scandals surrounding her are just part of a broad right-wing conspiracy out to take her down, rather than accepting responsibility for her deceitful and dangerous actions.

Lauer didn’t stop there and didn’t pull any punches. He pushed Clinton about her high unfavorable numbers, specifically with women and with young people — two crucial demographics if she wants to win the general election.

“Bernie Sanders got 82 percent of the votes from people under the age of 30,” Lauer said. “Eighty-nine percent of people said they thought Bernie Sanders was basically honest; 58 percent said that about you … When you lay in bed at night, how do you get your arms around that?”

Yet again, Clinton laughed it off as though she is unaware of how truly unpopular she is. “I am absolutely confident, Matt, that if I’m so fortunate as to secure the Democratic nomination, we will unify the Democratic Party — all parts of it,” Clinton said. “I know that young people have been really caught up in Sen. Sanders’ campaign and I think that’s terrific, because the more young people we can bring into the process, particularly into the Democratic primary process, the better.”

Many voters have a negative opinion of her, according to polling from various outlets. The most recent one, conducted in March — a Washington Post/ABC News poll — showed 57 percent of people think that Clinton is dishonest and untrustworthy.

What’s more, Sanders leads Clinton among younger voters by 54 percent to 37 percent, according to a March USA Today/Rock the Vote poll. Millennial women specifically are flocking to Sanders by 61 percent to 30 percent. Even though Clinton is hopeful that if she is the nominee they will throw their support her way, it will be tepid at best — or not at all.

As Clinton is preparing to be interviewed by FBI director James Comey himself, she is in a real fight for her political future as her poll numbers continue to drop and her unfavorables rise. Maybe it’s time for Clinton to try something new — tell the truth.

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