10 Famous April Fools’ Day Pranks

(And since others may be gunning for you, too — beware!)

April 1st is here — and you know what that means. April Fools’ Day! It’s time to break out your best hoaxes, tricks and surprises. But also be on the lookout for jokers gunning for you to be the target of their holiday hijinks.

This day of tomfoolery isn’t unique to America. Britain, Germany and Switzerland, just to name a few, partake in April Fools’ Day activities. So watch out — you’re not safe no matter where you are.

Most people pull harmless pranks on their friends and family, but some go above and beyond. Scroll through the slideshow to see 10 outrageous April Fools’ Day jokes.

[lz_slideshow ids=”124808,124804,124806,124803,124805,124802,124801,124807,124800,124799″ front-image=”124799″]

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