9 Foods to Help Prevent Memory Loss

Eating these delicious offerings could stave off dementia — and keep us healthy

If you’ve ever lost someone you love to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, you know it is something you want to protect yourself from if at all possible. None of us wants to lose our memory, our ability to recognize those closest to us, or our capacity to remember how to do the most basic of everyday tasks.

Yet one in three seniors will die of Alzheimer’s or some other dementia — and every 67 seconds someone in this country develops the memory-impairing disease. In 2015, over five million Americans had Alzheimer’s disease.

As research continue into how to stop this progressively debilitating and deadly disease, there are simple ways we can all work to protect our noggin. Playing brain-stimulating games and puzzles is one way — but here are 9 delicious other ways to improve our cognitive function and maybe, possibly, stave off Alzheimer’s from our lives. 

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