Valentine’s Day Screw-Ups

Picture-perfect holiday? Guess again!

This holiday can prove difficult for many, whether single or attached. If you’re single, you are probably dreading the heart-filled day. You refer to Valentine’s Day as a “Hallmark holiday,” a made-up celebration of over-commercialized love. You vent to your friends about all the Instagram posts headed to your news feed of couples looking cheesy with bouquets of roses.

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However, if you’re in a loving relationship and want to celebrate that, then you can’t wait to receive flowers and are already thinking of the perfect filter to use when you Instagram your candlelit dinner.

This idealistic version of Valentine’s Day may seem great, but how often does this picture-perfect holiday actually pan out? Sure, there may be fabulous moments, but there are sure to be moments gone wrong, too — candlelit dinners gone up in flames or the awful gift-giving confusion.

In honor of this special holiday, we’ve rounded up some of the biggest Valentine’s Day fails.

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