National Defense is a Biblical Concept

Christians are giving Donald Trump a serious look for this reason

America desperately needs key qualities in a president right now. We are in dire need of a commander-in-chief who will actually protect the interests of the American people (what a novel idea).

Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, has promised to do this.

Fidelity to the Word of God does not mandate that we define “love” or “Christ-likeness” in terms of irresponsible, laissez faire leadership. National defense is a biblical concept, and our founders understood this.

Trump has promised to deal decisively with illegal immigration and terrorism, and to reverse the path toward socialism that President Obama has led us down. Trump’s convictions about these things say little about whether or not the man is a lover of Jesus Christ. Should Christians vote for Donald Trump? Well, just think about how the last 20 years could have turned out if America’s 100 million-plus Christians had been more willing to get out and vote. Republicans lost in 1996 (Dole), in 2008 (McCain) and in 2012 (Romney).

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Why did those losses occur when America’s largest voter block by far could have picked the U.S. president (and thus had sway over recent and future Supreme Court nominees)? We lost — and may continue to do so — because many evangelicals allow “the perfect to be the enemy of the good.” American Christians must willingly unify behind the Republican candidate who emerges as the nominee. And this will likely be Mr. Trump.

I take issue with conservative Christian elites who condescendingly ooze that “Trump’s fans are new to politics,” and who judge him by saying that “he is only doing this for his ego.” I think they are wrong on both counts. Here are some reasons why the patriot in me will be happy to cast a vote for Donald Trump:

  • Trump believes in American exceptionalism.
  • He believes in free enterprise and is a capitalist.
  • He will be tough on ISIS.
  • He is a highly effective negotiator.
  • He is politically incorrect.
  • He has promised to stop Iran from getting nukes.
  • He inspires the American dream.
  • He has promised to promote a culture of life.
  • He has promised to stand up for the U.S. Constitution.
  • He is beholden to no special interests, and is driven by a love for this country.
  • He promises to enforce U.S. immigration laws (which is ultimately much more humane that the “open borders,” “no boundaries,” “global village” utopianism of the Left).

Many of my “Ivory Tower” Christian colleagues (academics, para-church leaders and some pastors) are actually urging people not to vote for Donald Trump should he be the nominee. This is very unwise. They should get ready to lose another election if they will vote only for a candidate deemed as “theologically perfect.”

Is Donald Trump the man you would call as your church’s next pastor? No. But that’s not the position we’re looking to fill in November.

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Many of the same Christian friends who will lecture me for this article are the same ones who will waste their vote by not voting at all. Some have smugly said they will write in a vote for Ronald Reagan or the Apostle Paul. They may think that by doing so, they have made some sort of statement, but in reality, the only thing to which they have testified is their own stubbornness and foolishness.

When citizens invest something as valuable (and sacred) as their own personal vote, they deserve good leadership in return. The votes we each spend on candidates should not repeatedly provide a return on investment that is “net negative.” Americans are tired of using their ballots to pay for that which harms America.

If we are to remain that “city on a hill” as Reagan often called America — leading the world in benevolence and liberty — America must be restored, defended, saved. Whoever becomes the next commander-in-chief should be zealous in the defense of U.S. interests. And the American people want this.

Will Donald Trump give us the best America possible? Time will tell.

But I do know this: Trump is key to keeping Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders out of the Oval Office in January 2017. And that is the best way to the best America possible.

Dr. Alex McFarland is an author, speaker, religion and culture expert, and an advocate for Christian apologetics. He has written 17 books, including his newest, “The God You Thought You Knew.” McFarland also hosts “Exploring the Word” on American Family Radio.

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