Eight a.m. classes are tough enough. Imagine a dose of liberal bias along with your morning bowl of cereal or cup of coffee. That’s exactly what I experienced during my semester spent in sociology class.

In the first day alone, my professor hadn’t been talking for more than two minutes when he began to advocate for stronger gun control. I rolled my eyes and sighed. He was another one of the unabashedly left-wing professors that I have grown accustomed to at my small private liberal arts school outside of Boston. As class continued, I realized I was way in over my head.

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In our first 75-minute class, my professor proclaimed that immigration wasn’t a problem, bashed Donald Trump, endorsed Bernie Sanders, insisted that socialism just hadn’t been implemented correctly yet, claimed that CNN was right of center and MSNBC was middle of the road, and then gave us a reading on Marxism that portrayed the dangerous philosophy in a positive light. This bias ramped up throughout the semester.

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The mandatory textbook cost $130 to rent from the bookstore and identified two different schools of thought: “person blame” and “system blame.” Of course, my professor took issue with the terminology, making it clear this was only because he was aware of the negative connotations most Americans associate with “blaming the system.” After condemning their word choice, he went on to explain that it is irresponsible and short-sighted to blame individuals for their own choices, when societal structures contribute to them. So much for individualism and responsibility.

It seemed like all we did was watch documentaries that promoted his system-blaming point of view — from a British documentary blaming corporations for the obesity epidemic to Michael Moore’s documentary on universal health care. Never was there room for objection or discussion.

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While I made it through the semester, it was not enjoyable, to say the least. Education should be fun and inspiring, but my sociology class made me wish I had stayed in bed on those cold, early mornings.

Seijah Drake is a senior at Lasell College in Newtown, Massachusetts.