Distressed American on Why Trump is Winning

Straight talk on why this candidate has so much momentum

The pundit class missed it — but average voters, beset by a declining America abused by unfair trade deals, a declining economy, a ballooning budget and unfettered immigration, understood Trump’s message. Below, a reader speaks for many across the country who are supporting Trump in the presidential election, offering insights about why the Republican front-runner and his message are so appealing.

The answer to Donald Trump’s popularity is simple — he gets us.

In good times, the GOP’s talking points inspire. But this is a different time.

Most people are struggling. Education is failing. College is becoming out of reach. Good jobs are leaving this country, while food and medical costs are rising. Seniors get no interest on bank deposits.

When people are working two and three jobs just to be able to survive, they don’t want to hear the same old rhetoric about “our Founding Fathers” and “our freedoms.”

When opportunities are taken away, freedom is a concept instead of a reality.

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We don’t trust the politicians to do anything but talk. We are angry.

Trump BUILDS things. He is smart, tough and successful. He knows the way to succeed in the modern world.

The “punditry elite” may discount him, but during interviews he displays common sense and intelligent solutions to problems.

There is a time for ideology and a time for “telling it like it is.”


A Reader from Racine, Wisconsin

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