College Hires Psychologists for Black Students Only

CSULA caves to PC demands, will also require 'race and ethnicity' courses

Staff psychologists specifically for the use of black students will soon be the newest addition to California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA). The hiring of the black-specific psychologists is a result of the university president caving to demands made by the Black Student Union on campus.

The demands were presented to University President William A. Covino in November. According to a press release from the BSU, “President William A. Covino, the administration of Cal State L.A., and the Black Student Union engaged in a series of meetings to establish a path to achieve (their) goals.”

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Other demands agreed upon by CSULA include divesting from all private prison corporations, requiring all students to complete one diversity course and one race and ethnicity course before graduation, and the development of a “Black Scholars’ living learning community.”

In other words, white students will be forced to learn about their “white privilege” and many black students will have the opportunity to live in segregated housing — aka a “safe space.”

The Black Student Union says that negotiations are ongoing and that they expect to have more of their demands met in the future.

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