Any mom or dad will tell you that the first year of being a parent is difficult, to say the least. Here are confessions from ten new moms who hit their breaking points:

1. No Food + No Sleep = Total Meltdown

Being a new mom is challenging. My lack of sleep and food has me nearly breaking down over nothing.

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2. Sometimes husbands just don’t get it.



3. Let it out!


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4. We all make mistakes…

I was so tired as a new mother, I once forgot to put a nipple on the bottle, and dumped formula all over my baby

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5. You’ll get through it!



6. Whoever said ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ was a crazy person.

I love my baby but if she doesn


7. Separation anxiety is real.



8. Who knew leaving the house would become such a luxury?

I wish I had more time to myself but being a new mom, I hardly ever get out of the house.


9. Find a new mom who can’t relate to this one:

I just had a baby And I hate my body I was so confident Now I


10. They do say childbirth feels like a ‘near-death’ experience…

I just had a baby! I love her but I


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