Top Conservative Books of 2015

The loony Left gave these authors plenty to write about

If there’s a silver lining to be found as liberals slowly dig their claws deeper into American society, it’s that their crazy lefty antics provide no shortage of things for conservatives to write about. There was quite a bit of liberal tomfoolery in 2015, so it should come as no surprise that 2015 was a great year for conservative books.

From searing critiques and exposes of political corruption and political biography, to investigations into the very nature of liberalism as well as works by GOP presidential hopefuls, a plethora of great conservative reads was published in 2015. Of course, sorting through all of these new titles and knowing where to start can be difficult, so we decided to make it easy and compile a list of our favorite conservative reads of 2015.

If your New Year’s resolution this year is to read more, or if you know a special someone with a birthday coming up — or if you’re simply looking to expand your knowledge and learn more about the many ways in which liberalism and political correctness are ruining America — you’ve come to the right place.

‘Sold Out: How High-Tech Billionaires & Bipartisan Beltway Crapweasels Are Screwing America’s Best & Brightest Workers’ by Michelle Malkin and John Miano

book-soldoutMichelle Malkin exposes common media myths surrounding immigration and reveals the ways in which high-skilled American workers are being pushed out of jobs by foreign labor. Malkin shows how — with a nod and a wink from their pals in Washington — high-tech billionaires use things like the H-1B visa to replace more expensive American workers with cheaper, foreign alternatives.

‘The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech in America’ by Kirsten Powers

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book-silencingKirsten Powers is no conservative, but even she’s had enough of the Left’s war on free speech in America. In “The Silencing,” lifelong liberal Powers examines the various ways in which the Left silences the speech of those with which it disagrees, and asks when exactly did the self-proclaimed champions of free speech and tolerance become so intolerant of other people’s free speech.

‘Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich’ by Peter Schweitzer

book-clintoncashForget Whitewater, Benghazi, and private email servers. In the best-selling “Clinton Cash,” Peter Schweitzer details what appears to be a troubling pattern by the Clintons of peddling influence for financial gain. One large contribution to the Clinton Foundation followed by a favorable political outcome for the contributor may be coincidence, but for this to happen again and again sounds like corruption plain and simple. Schweitzer uncovers a series of incidents in which the then-secretary of state appeared to use her power and influence to help Clinton friends and donors.

‘Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush’ by Jon Meacham

book-destiny“Destiny and Power” has been on the New York Times Best Sellers list since it was published in November, and it’s not hard to see why. Meacham’s biography of George H.W. Bush has been lauded by critics, and was named one of the ten best books of the year by the Washington Post and one of the best books of the year by the New York Times. Drawing on George and Barbara Bush’s diaries, as well as extensive interviews with the former president, Meacham paints an interesting and intimate portrait of the 41st president.

‘Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again’ by Donald J. Trump

book-trumpDonald Trump sets out his vision for the country in slightly more detail than he has revealed, perhaps, at his numerous presidential campaign events. Trump tackles topics such as job creation, education, Obamacare, and domestic infrastructure. As the GOP candidate himself writes in the introduction, “This book is designed to give the reader a better understanding of me and my ideas for our future.”

‘Stealing America: What My Experience with Criminal Gangs Taught Me about Obama, Hillary, and the Democratic Party’ by Dinesh D’Souza

book-dineshIn 2014, conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza was sentenced to eight months in a state-run confinement center. While incarcerated, he was given a first-hand education in the ways of America’s criminal underclass; after his release, D’Souza realized that liberals and the Democratic party operate in much the same way as criminal gangs. In “Stealing America,” D’Souza exposes the thuggish con that is modern liberalism.

‘Plunder and Deceit’ by Mark Levin

book-plunderThis book spent eight weeks on the NYT Best Sellers list and was at the number-one spot for five of those weeks, and this will come as no surprise when reading it. Levin’s latest book is a rousing call to action for young people in America to resist the rise of the Big Brother state, and to reaffirm the small government principles inherent to the Constitution.

‘Government Zero: No Borders, No Language, No Culture’ by Michael Savage

book-savageIn “Government Zero,” Michael Savage sounds the alarm over the unholy, albeit unintentional, alliance between progressives and radical Islamists, both of whom are working to undermine Western civilization as we know it. Progressives and radical Islamists have different reasons for their full frontal assaults on our border, language, and culture, but the result is the same. Government Zero: absolute government and zero representation.

‘Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole’ by Ann Coulter

book-adiosCoulter’s “Adios, America” spent 11 weeks on the NYT Best Sellers list and is a sobering wake-up call about the issue of immigration, the one issue Coulter explains is more important than all others. She not only shows how, since the 1965 Immigration Act, the Democrats have viewed immigration reform as their means to a permanent majority (and how with amnesty they’d get that majority), but also how Republican consultants and businessmen make a killing from the mass immigration they claim to be against.

A Time for Truth: Reigniting the Promise of America by Ted Cruz

book-cruzOne part biography, one part indictment of the corruption within the Washington Cartel — that evil axis of Democrats, establishment Republicans, and lobbyists — “A Time for Truth” is 100 percent Ted Cruz. With intelligence, humor, and honesty, Cruz details his life story, from kid to Congress, and lifts the lid on the backroom deals and dubious handshakes that fuel business-as-usual in Washington.

‘Last Act: The Final Years and Emerging Legacy of Ronald Reagan’ by Craig Shirley

book-reaganCraig Shirley’s “Last Act” tells the story of Reagan’s final years and cements the author’s place as today’s foremost Reagan biographer. Extensive, affectionate, and at times very moving, the book shines a much-needed light on the last few chapters of Reagan’s life story, and is an eloquent tribute and testament to one of the most beloved presidents in American history.

‘Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary’ by Edward Klein

book-hillaryInvestigative reporter Klein offers a powerful and damning expose of Hillary Clinton. Drawing on extensive interviews with close associates of the Clintons as well as the Obamas, Klein paints a disconcerting portrait of a desperately power-hungry woman whose biggest barrier to that power has been her own unlikeability.

With details about the horrendous way she treats her staff, a swear word-laden screaming match with Obama, and the hilariously awkward instance in which she underwent “charm training” with Steven Spielberg, “Unlikeable” will be loved by those looking for a more honest portrait of the woman who wants to be our next president.

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