Six Times Obama Didn’t Cry

He gets all broken up about gun violence, but not other tragedies involving issues he cares less about

The media couldn’t help but blather over President Obama’s convincing John Boehner impression in the East Room, in which the president announced his executive actions on gun control.

“Every time I think about those kids, it gets me mad,” said Obama as tears filled his eyes, referring to the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. The light reflecting from Obama’s tear-stained cheek was glaring, but not so glaring as the president’s hypocrisy.

But when one examines the multitude of other tragedies upon which Obama has looked with dry eyes, it becomes increasingly difficult to trust the sincerity of the president’s latest lacrimation. Take the following six times Obama didn’t cry, as least not that anyone knows of.

1. For the victims of the Benghazi attacks

Obama didn’t cry for Ambassador Chris Stevens or the other Americans killed in Benghazi, Libya. Worse still, his administration actively encouraged a false narrative of the events surrounding the attack itself. They denied at first that it was an orchestrated terror attack and insisted it was a spontaneous protest over a video that got out of hand.

2. For Kathryn Steinle, 32, shot by an illegal immigrant, and Marilyn Pharis, 64, raped and beaten to death by an illegal immigrant one month later

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Obama cries for some victims of gun violence, but not for the victims of murderous illegal aliens who shouldn’t even be in the country in the first place. Could it be because guns are much less popular with Democrats than illegal Hispanic aliens? Hearing most Democrats talk about guns versus illegal immigrants, one can’t help but think they are confused about which one of those two is legally protected by the Constitution. His silence after Steinle’s murder was particularly deafening, as a debate about sanctuary cities was raging at the time. Meantime, he sent a White House delegation to the funeral of Mike Brown, a black criminal killed by a police officer during an attempt on that officer’s life. Not being politically useful for the Democrats, the Steinles didn’t even get a phone call from the president.

3. For the numerous infants who survived late-term abortions and were left to die

It’s tough to sit and watch a president appeal to the life a murdered child never got to live when that president happened to vote against the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act while in the Illinois State Senate. It had been revealed that infants who survived late-term abortion procedures were being left to die, and so Illinois lawmakers introduced the law, which was designed to protect those survivors. Obama not only had no tears to spare for those murdered babies, but he voted against the legislation to protect others from the same fate.

4. For the six U.S. soldiers killed in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan the Monday before Christmas

When six U.S. soldiers were killed in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan the Monday before Christmas 2015, Obama was silent. All that happened in response was a sterile White House news release. “The United States condemns this cowardly attack on members of the U.S. and Afghan forces, and we remain committed to supporting the Afghan people and their government.” No thoughts or prayers for the victims of the families. Obama wouldn’t mention the deaths publicly until Christmas Day, and he did so in a throwaway comment during his pre-scheduled annual Christmas visit to the troops in Hawaii — in a short-sleeved shirt. Disgraceful.

5. For the victims of the 2009 Fort Hood shooting

On Nov. 5, 2009, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, a radical Muslim, opened fire in Fort Hood’s Soldier Readiness Center, killing 13 people and wounding 32 more. Obama was dry-eyed once again. And, as in the case of Benghazi, his administration paddled a false narrative, this time claiming incident was workplace violence — until overwhelming evidence forced the administration to recognize it for the Islamic terror attack it truly was.

6. For the Yazidi and Christian communities wiped from the map in Syria

ISIS has eradicated Middle Eastern Christian communities that have been worshiping Christ pretty much since the day he rose from the dead. Christians, as well as the Yazidis and other religious minorities, have been subjected to a blatant program of genocide — their men and boys murdered and women and girls taken as sex slaves. Not only has the president done little to help those communities, the government has yet to classify Syrian Christians as genocide victims and has allowed a mere handful into the country. But many of those Yazidi and Christian children were murdered with weapons provided courtesy of the U.S. government, armaments Obama sent to Syria in a misguided effort to aid in the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad.

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