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Muslim Influx Threatens to Shatter EU

The European Union may be headed toward collapse as nations begin to withdraw from the Schengen Agreement — the treaty that abolished internal European borders — under the strain of the Muslim migrant onslaught.

Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Austria have all effectively withdrawn from the agreement by instituting new border controls. Three other countries — France, Germany and Malta — plan to introduce new border controls, according to EU spokeswoman Natasha Bertaud.

Austria was the latest country to implement such measures, including patrol checks and special ID cards for Muslim migrants who are allowed into the country.

In discussing his country’s decision with the Austrian press, Chancellor Werner Faymann said, “If the EU does not manage to secure the external borders, Schengen as a whole is called into question.”

Map of the Schengen area. Countries in yellow have agreed to the treaty but not yet implemented it. Countries in green are E.U. member states but have an opt-out. (photo: Wiki Creative Commons)

This sentiment was echoed by European Council President Donald Tusk.

“We have no more than two months to get things under control” before the Schengen Agreement collapses, Tusk told the European parliament on Tuesday.

But Faymann also recognizes that if the Schengen treaty goes out the window, the EU project as a whole will soon follow.

“I hope that we will establish an effective protection of the EU’s external border … because otherwise in fact, the whole of the EU (is in) question,” he said.

The Schengen Agreement is at the very heart of the EU project. Coupled with the single currency — the euro — free movement across individual state borders was the main selling point in convincing the peoples of Europe to go along with the endeavor. Faymann is not being dramatic when he questions the future of the EU, and neither is he alone.

The numerous suspensions of the Schengen agreement suggest “that unless the EU can control its broader borders, support for internal free movement will disappear as most nations attempt to prevent mass immigration at the national border level,” said Ben Harris-Quinney, chairman of The Bow Group, the U.K.’s oldest conservative think tank.

The crucial foundation for a federal United States of Europe — the ultimate design of the EU’s creators — is crumbling in the face of obvious failures highlighted by the EU’s stunning ineptitude at dealing with the Islamic legions currently besieging the continent.

“Without (a) solution of the refugee issue, we are faced with the biggest European crisis of credibility,” said Faymann.

Indeed, if the EU had any credibility left at the start of the migrant crisis, when all is said and done, that credibility will be a memory as distant as that of German women being able to walk through city centers alone at night.

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Despite ample and ever-increasing evidence from 2011-2014 that a major humanitarian and refugee crisis was developing due to the Syrian civil war — and numerous calls to prepare for it — the EU did absolutely nothing to get ready.

“The Bow Group identified the severity of the issue two years ago, and we were by no means the first to do so,” said Harris-Quinney.

Therefore “the EU as a body was … undoubtedly aware of the issue but was unwilling to take the preemptive action to set up Migrant Processing Centres outside of E.U. borders and was unable to control internal migration once European borders had been breached,” Harris-Quinney explained.

Some conservative critics claim this inaction was the result of the same politically correct, ideological commitment to multiculturalism that led to effective media blackouts of the New Year’s Eve mass sexual assaults committed by Muslim migrants in cities throughout Europe.

“The unwillingness to take action (was) related to concerns that it would be perceived to be an anti-immigration stance,” suggested Harris-Quinney.

In addition to refusing to recognize the plethora of potential problems posed by a massive influx of young Muslim men into Europe, the EU has consistently used its power to entice nations into opening up their societies to globalization and ensuing economic exploitation by global elites. It has also used its power to bully nations into accepting the EU Establishment’s “progressive” views on sexual immorality and degeneracy.

In addition to ensuring its own existence, utter dedication to politically correct orthodoxy is of paramount importance to the EU. And in a delicious twist of historical irony, it seems that dedication is the very thing that currently imperils the EU’s future survival.