Apologies for Ayatollahs After U.S. Sailors Seized

Admin denies eating crow to Iran, but there are plenty of precedents for Obama offering his regrets for America

Nearly buried by the national media after the frenzied pomp of President Obama’s final State of the Union address was the humiliating incident for the nation that unfolded in the Persian Gulf. Ten U.S. Navy sailors in two small vessels were taken into custody by Iran after allegedly entering Iranian waters, and the detained American servicemen were filmed and broadcast on Iranian television as “the trespassers.”

The real kick to the national pride however were rumors that Secretary of State John Kerry had apologized for the incident to the Iranian foreign minister while discussing the return of the crew, and the filmed apology from the crew’s supposed commander.

The State Department has denied Kerry apologized to the Iranians for the incident, but the Obama administration certainly has a record of issuing regrets for America to the world and foreign nations.

Here are some of the most irritating times President Obama and his administration have apologized on behalf of America.

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