The Craziest Christmas Nonsense on Campus

Tis the season for political correctness and Scroogery on campus

Ninety-six percent of Americans reportedly celebrate Christmas, according to a recent study from the Pew Research Center.

Even more interesting, 86 percent of non-Christians celebrate the Christian holiday. The handful who don’t celebrate Christmas must be liberal campus academics.

But Christmas on campus is its own world entirely. A world where Grinches abound to sprinkle politically correct fairy dust on all the fun and turn Christmas into a pagan celebration of sterile safe spaces.

These are the Top 5 most crazy Christmas bans — and other nonsense — on college campuses this holiday season:

  1. Students at the Ohio State University were told to avoid the colors red and green in order to convey an “inclusive holiday spirit.” Snowflakes, white lights, and bows, on the other hand, were deemed appropriate.
  2. Student protesters from Boston College interrupted a Board of Trustees meeting to demand more diversity and sing parody Christmas songs like “Walkin’ in a White Man’s Wonderland.” LYRICS: “Dear Trustees, are you listenin’? / A real plan, you are missin’ / Until you agree / and change do we see / we’re walking through a white man’s wonderland.”
  3. The University of Tennessee-Knoxville’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion urged students to make sure their holiday parties were not “Christmas parties in disguise.” Playing Secret Santa was discouraged, as it might be perceived as endorsing a religion.
  4. A Christian a cappella group at James Madison University was not allowed to sing “Mary, Did You Know” at an annual tree lighting ceremony. Instead, they were given a list of approved secular songs days before their scheduled performance.
  5. Harvard University produced and distributed “holiday placemats for social justice” for all of its freshmen students, to help them navigate difficult conversations with their family around the dinner table. Clearly, any conservative thought at home is not accepted.

This holiday season, steer clear of any Grinch professors, admins, or students and enjoy Christmas to the fullest with friends, faith, and family.

This piece is part of a CampusZette series exploring the culture, oddities, and experiences of students on college campuses through their eyes.

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