Here Are the Memoirs We Really Want to Read

Five celebrity autobiographies we'd buy — if they'd only write them!

Charlie Sheen must not have been lying about having tiger blood because he is reportedly demanding $10 million for his inevitable memoir.

The truth is he will probably get every penny, because some Americans are fascinated, even if mortified, by his filthy lifestyle.

Sheen, of course, is simply capitalizing on the public’s intrigue. He knows his appeal is based on his many falls from grace, his erratic behavior with the media, and his rampant drug use, more than any show or movie he’s ever starred in.

Sheen’s memoir is like the penny novel version of what a memoir should be.

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In truth, a quality memoir is meant to capture more than the sensational downward spiral of a train-wrecked life. It is meant to inspire. The autobiography is a powerful storytelling tool that can share wisdom and reveal the true stories behind important events and figures in history.

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In the spirit of great storytelling, here are a few celebrities who, surprisingly, have not penned their own memoirs but whose stories we’d benefit from greatly if we had the chance to read them.

Clint Eastwood: Some know the 85-year-old filmmaker for his recent headline-making career. He directed the highest grossing war movie of all time (“American Sniper”), and he unapologetically stood before the RNC’s 2012 National Convention with an empty chair to mock President Obama during his re-election campaign. Lest we forget, however, the man still has eight other decades worth of material. He’s acted, directed, composed music, produced, served in the military, and held public office in that time — and he shows no signs of stopping. Eastwood’s life story could provide true inspiration for readers interested in understanding how he achieved such versatility. His career longevity is virtually unmatched.

Meryl Streep: Mary Louise Streep, 66, was a leading actress taking on inspirational roles before there were headlines about sexism in Hollywood. She fought her way to the top in a male-dominated field and never let any obstacle stand in her way, despite a limited amount of lead roles for women over 50. She’s been nominated for more Academy Awards than any other actor in history (19, to date) and has received numerous honors for her work in the arts, including the National Medal of Arts. Her story holds more value today than ever before, particularly in an age where it’s easy to decry sexism for the unfair treatment of women in Hollywood.

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Sylvester Stallone: The man has given us two fictional American icons: Rocky Balboa and John Rambo. Both characters will forever be cemented in American culture. What’s often forgotten, however, is that the 69-year-old Stallone is a testament to the American Dream. He’s practically the poster child for following your dreams in the land of opportunity. Once a man discouraged to act and write, he slept in his truck and could barely afford to eat when he sold “Rocky.” Decades later, the story still holds sway with audiences. The seventh installment is setting fire to the box office as we speak.

Angelina Jolie: At only 40, Jolie is guilty of making some poor decisions in her wilder, younger years. However, her story did not end there, and she’s spent a number of years cleaning up her image. She’s gone on to become a respected director and actress and has worked diligently with groups like the UN Refugee Agency to help with international humanitarian issues. Her recent cancer prevention treatment also brought awareness to an issue that’s been hard to discuss openly. She’s known for putting her money where her mouth is when it comes to her passions, her life, and her art, and she has a long career ahead of her yet.

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Morgan Freeman: If Freeman were to write a memoir, the publisher might not even bother with a print version. Freeman could release the audiobook alone and shoot to the top of the charts. Now pushing 80 years old, he is a true artist who has never slowed down. With his distinctive voice and commanding nature, Freeman’s performances will remain critical to any film history course. He’s won numerous accolades and been outspoken about many political and race issues without seeming overly contentious. His story of persistence and resolve as a black actor would be a worthy tale, undoubtedly inspiring to younger generations of men and women who may otherwise feel intimidated by charges of racism in Hollywood today.

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