Fiorina: Obama ‘Delusional’

Terrorists 'absolutely delighted' president talking about climate change

President Obama this week jetted into Paris — where Islamic terrorists slaughtered 130 people Nov. 13 on the bloodiest day in France since World War II — to discuss the most pressing issue facing the world today: climate change.

Carly Fiorina finds that bizarre and dangerous disconnect “delusional.”

“He somehow seems to believe that our behavior causes terrorism,” the GOP presidential candidate said Tuesday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.” “The terrorists are absolutely delighted that our president is so delusional that instead of fighting ISIS, he’s talking about climate change.”

Fiorina said she watched Obama’s Paris press conference on Tuesday morning and noted that “his passion comes when he’s talking about climate change. He has no passion when he’s talking about defeating our real enemy, which is ISIS.”

Obama is also more passionate, she said, when he is defending Planned Parenthood or arguing for gun control than when he is condemning international terrorism.

“It’s our guns and our religion, remember that?” she said, referencing an infamous Obama quote from his 2008 Democratic primary campaign when he said working-class voters “cling to their guns and religion.”

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“He’s never really changed, And he continues to blame us for all kinds of things,” she said.

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO also said the 12-nation trade deal headed to Congress next year is filled with hidden “trap doors,” including ones through which U.S. sovereignty can fall right through.

She was reacting to a provision in the Trans-Pacific Partnership that requires member nations to adhere to previously negotiated multilateral environmental pacts.

“It’s an example of why these extremely complicated multi-party agreements are not in our interest,” she said. “Because buried in the 5,000 pages negotiated with 12 other countries are trap doors. That’s a trap door if ever there was one.”

Fiorina called on Congress to reject the deal.

“Man up, stand up, and either vote and be prepared to be held accountable, or vote this thing down.”

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