Festive Napkin Folds

What you must know for great holiday entertaining

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An elegant table setting makes any dinner special. This is especially true at holiday time.

In the video above, you’ll learn a festive Christmas tree napkin fold that is very quick and easy to put together, one that will surely delight your family and guests.

Here are clear directions so you can follow along step-by-step.


  • Square fabric napkin
  • Optional: candy cane, berries, or ribbon for the top, and a pin


  1. Start with a square fabric napkin and fold it twice to get a smaller square.
  2. Next, rotate the square so the point with the openings is facing you. Fold the point of each layer up toward the the top, which leaves 1 inch between each fold.
  3. Flip the whole thing over, making sure to hold the folds together with your hands so they don’t come undone.
  4. Fold the left and right points inward, aligning the top of each panel to form a triangular.
  5. Flip the napkin over again, making sure to hold it together so it doesn’t come undone.
  6. Fold the top layer up to form a peak. Fold the next layer up, tucking in the point underneath the layer above. Repeat this until all layers are flipped up and tucked under.
  7. Optional: Pin a small bow or other decoration to the top of the tree for a festive touch.

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