He danced, he preened, he even played the laser harp. And, yes, someone did call him a racist.

But it was all part of a joke as Donald Trump hosted NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” this weekend despite pressure from Latino groups that hoped NBC would dump him at the last minute.

The show’s writers still suggested Trump and his followers are racist when he wasn’t on stage. The scribes also handed Trump some of the least funny “SNL” sketches in recent memory.

The “racist” outburst came from comic Larry David, who was planted in the audience after playing Bernie Sanders in the cold open. A Latino group, Deport Racism, said it will still pay David $5,000 after offering a reward for anyone who called Trump racist.


Trump stiffly read his opening monologue from cue cards to not many laughs, until he was joined by two Trump imitators, Darrell Hammond and Taran Killam. His first sketch featured him firmly ensconced in the White House, with the country’s fortunes rising precisely as he had promised.

“Everyone loves the new laws you’ve tweeted,” a White House official tells him. “Putin has withdrawn from Ukraine… He doesn’t want to be called a ‘loser’ again,” another said.

Then, the president of Mexico appeared with a check to pay for the wall Trump hopes to build.

“Consider it an apology for doubting you … as history shows nothing brings two countries together like a wall,” the Mexican president said. The sketch ended up being a fake commercial for Trump’s wife’s campaign to be the next first lady.

The Weekend Update segment featured a mild poke at Trump when the subject of President Obama’s birth certificate came up.

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“I’m talking about the guy hosting the show,” Update co-host Michael Che whispered. Later, Che referenced Trump’s new book, “Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again.”

“When rich old dudes bring up the good old days, my Negro senses start tingling,” Che, who is black, said.

The Weekend Update segment also featured the recurring “Drunk Uncle” character, a soused up soul who says he loves Trump.

“Someone is saying the things that I’ve been thinking,” Bobby Moynihan’s character said. “It’s like I’m running for president.”

When Update co-anchor Colin Jost asked Drunk Uncle what he thinks about GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson, he flinched. “I don’t wanna talk about him. He’s right here,” he answered, pointing to Che as if all black people looked alike.

Trump performed as expected, full of bluster and practiced insults. He didn’t fumble his lines or rely too heavily on cue cards. He still couldn’t control the rest of the show. But he did dance really badly.


Early on, Trump told the audience he wasn’t in the upcoming sketch, but would live tweet it all the same. The off-screen Trump insulted the sketch’s players in typical Trump fashion, as his messages flashed on the screen. He also tweeted out this comment when a black “SNL” regular appeared on stage: “And I love the blacks.”