Expressions of Gratitude

Poignant message gets to heart of Thanksgiving season


What if all I have tomorrow

Is what I’m grateful for today?

Would it change the way I think?

Would it change the things I say?


Would I look at my life differently

If I were judged by attitude

And lost everything and everyone

For which I felt no gratitude?


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We have so much and do so much

Yet take it all for granted.

We live beyond the dreams of kings and queens

Yet still feel disenchanted.


“Things are in the saddle,” Emerson wrote,

And those things “ride mankind.”

But to the things that matter most

We’re deaf or dumb or blind.


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So let’s express some gratitude

For our fingers and our toes,

Our hearts, our souls, our limbs, our brains,

Our furniture and clothes.

Our homes, our cars, our kids, our scars,

The lessons that we’ve learned,

Investments made, the trips we took,

The mortgages we’ve burned.


What if all you have tomorrow

Is what you’re grateful for today?

Take some time and make a list.

Make every day Thanksgiving day.

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