Destroying Europe from Within

Many 'refugees' are economic migrants who strain Europe's economy, culture

European governments have failed to adequately address the disastrous “refugee” crisis, threatening the fabric of society and forcing their citizens to take drastic measures in defense of their countries and cultures.

What is portrayed by the mainstream media as a largely humanitarian catastrophe is in fact no such thing. A significant portion of “Syrian refugees” pouring into Europe are not Syrian — according to the European Union — nor are they even refugees.

Most of the “refugees” are not starving, shivering women and children fleeing ISIS, but are in reality mostly males — according to U.N. figures released earlier in the year — seeking greater economic opportunity. Certain European countries’ generous welfare states, like Germany and Sweden, are particularly attractive to migrants.

These migrant moochers will strain Europe’s welfare systems. A German government document leaked last week revealed that more than 80 percent of migrants entering that country are unskilled, and at least 400,000 of them are expected to claim benefits — at an estimated cost to the German taxpayer of $953 million.

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom said recently her country faces collapse due in part to the economic strain of the migrants. But these newcomers threaten more than just Europe’s fragile economic stability.

Muslim migrants — many hailing from countries where women are treated like chattel and standard female fashion consists of a burka — have difficulty interacting with Western women. Numerous reports have surfaced of Muslim migrants harassing European women because of their dress. One school in Germany warned its female students not to wear revealing clothing in order to avoid “misunderstandings” with Muslim migrants.

The more sinister side of this cultural “misunderstanding” is the astronomical rise in rapes in countries that have allowed in large numbers of migrants. 

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The more sinister side of this cultural “misunderstanding” is the astronomical rise in rapes in countries that have allowed in large numbers of migrants. The numbers of rapes in Sweden exploded along with the scale and pace of immigration from Muslim countries. Germany, too, has seen rapes increase due to the migrant crisis.

Then there is the significant threat posed by terrorists.

It’s more than likely that Islamic terrorists — whether from ISIS or another organizations — were embedded among the thousands of migrants who entered Europe with no security check whatsoever. ISIS operatives have stated as much, and earlier this year various people smugglers reportedly confirmed they have transported ISIS fighters into Europe.

Europeans, however, have not taken this new Islamic invasion quietly, and have responded exactly as one would expect given their leaders’ perceived inability or unwillingness to handle the crisis. On the political side, right-wing parties that promise to tackle Muslim immigration are beginning to dominate polls across Europe, with significant electoral success in France, Austria, Sweden, Poland and Hungary.

In Germany, the anti-Islamic immigration group PEGIDA has led marches drawing crowds of more than 10,000 people. Shotguns are effectively sold out in Austria as people prepare to defend themselves and homes. Unsurprisingly, a majority of these new, Austrian shotgun buyers are women.

This year also saw a number of arson attacks in Germany against “refugee” shelters — 150 in the first six months of 2015 alone. Sweden has experienced similar arson attacks against “refugee” centers, with five attacks occurring during two weeks in October.

Of course, the American mainstream media is practically silent, for as long as liberals and their media allies in the U.S. continue to shill for mass immigration, multiculturalism, and Western self-loathing, the last thing they want the American people to see is what these concepts have brought the people of Europe.

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