Trump Pumped for ‘SNL’

Imagine the GOP front-runner in these classic sketches

It was only a matter of time. GOP front-runner and reality show veteran Donald Trump will host the Nov. 7 edition of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

Trump won’t be the first — or last — politician to appear on the show. Hillary Clinton dropped by for a sketch earlier this month, a moment viewed by many as both fawning and an obvious attempt to humanize the unlikable candidate.

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Taking the reins of an entire show is another matter. Even those aghast at Trump’s presidential bid know he’s up to the challenge. Heck, he hosted the show 11 years ago as his NBC series “The Apprentice” was just catching fire. The big question remains: How will the show’s writers incorporate him into their program now that the stakes are undoubtedly higher?

It’s unlikely Trump will allow himself to be mocked in a way that will damage his brand, let alone his presidential hopes. Still, imagine how snugly Trump would fit into these classic sketches?

  • The Spartan Cheerleaders: Picture this — a Hillary Clinton appearance is marred by a lifeless crowd that can’t even fill a modest amphitheater. Enter those perky cheerleaders, who try to inspire Clinton’s true believers but with little success. Trump, playing himself but clad in that signature black, red and white uniform, gives them some blunt tips on pumping up an audience. He isn’t impressed by their response. One quick, “you-ah fired,” later, and Trump leads a solo cheer for Clinton’s seemingly hopeless cause.
  • Da Bears: Who is the only personality bigger than Mike Ditka? Why, Trump of course. The roundtable of pot-bellied Chicago fans gather to imagine Trump versus a series of political challengers. “What if President Kennedy ran with Marilyn Monroe as his first lady against Trump? Who would win?” “Daaaaa Trump,” they cry in unison. Then the real Trump appears and sets the record even straighter on their genuflecting ways.
  • Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger: Candidate Trump enters a greasy spoon diner and is alarmed by what he sees. Cookies made by a company shipping jobs overseas. a busboy who might be in the country illegally. A weathered U.S. flag drooping from a dining room wall. Trump calls out each infraction hoping to make the diner’s profits soar.
  • Celebrity Jeopardy: Donald Trump alongside the “SNL” cast member who plays Trump, Taran Killam, and, of course, Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery. ‘Nuff said.

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