Hillary on ‘SNL’ Pours Drink, Mocks Trump

Silly sketch dodged everything wrong with Clinton campaign

In a silly skit that baldly promoted her 2016 presidential ambitions and took potshots at GOP front-runner Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton poured a drink for her double in the 41st season opener of “Saturday Night Live” as she played “Val,” a wizened barkeep ready to dispense wit and “wisdom.”

Naturally the so-called wisdom included no mention at all of how to handle the email scandal that has rocked the real Mrs. Clinton’s campaign and driven down her approval ratings in dramatic fashion.

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Instead, SNL cast member Kate McKinnon as Clinton wondered why the nation simply wouldn’t rubber-stamp an “inevitable” Hillary Clinton presidential candidacy.

The two “Hillary Clintons” talked about gay marriage — Hillary has been such a champion for same-sex marriage, we’re told, but darn if she didn’t support it earlier — and how Clinton, as a regular “citizen,” believes the Keystone Pipeline will “destroy the environment,” something else she didn’t support until just recently.

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Clinton, like many an “SNL” guest, relied heavily on cue cards for most of her lines. She offered a Trump impersonation that could only be called trite and uninspired. The sketch ended with the goofy Hillary duo singing “Lean on Me,” and then Clinton aide Huma Abedin (played by Cecily Strong) entered the bar to find only one Clinton, McKinnon’s, there.

“She was real and smart and really nice in person,” McKinnon’s Clinton insisted wistfully, looking around for “Val.”

How intriguing: The real Clinton has struggled mightily in recent months to appear genuine.

Moments after the “SNL” appearance aired, Clinton tweeted a picture of herself and McKinnon in the sketch and this aggressive message on her twitter account: “A vote for Hillary is a vote for four more years of Kate McKinnon’s impression.”

As for the rest of the show, its first two skits took direct aim at the GOP. The first openly mocked Donald Trump, while the second featured a faux commercial for a drug that no politician hoping to become president should take — and naturally attacked low-polling GOP presidential candidates. The sketch certainly could have gone after Democrats Martin O’Malley or Jim Webb, but did not. 

In recent years “SNL” has drifted from its bipartisan bashing to focus far more firepower on GOP politicians.

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