‘South Park’ Savages Trump

GOP frontrunner raped, killed in new episode

Some conservatives have a soft spot for “South Park.” That may have changed Wednesday night.

The Comedy Central series traffics in extremely crude gags, the kind that would earn an R rating on the big screen. That’s hardly catnip for conservative viewers, but they understand what sets “South Park” apart.

It’s one of the few comedy institutions that pokes fun at both liberals and conservatives.

It’s one of the few comedy institutions that pokes fun at both liberals and conservatives. That’s rare at a time when liberals like Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver and Larry Wilmore lord over their own comedy showcases without enough conservative talkers to form an ideological counter-balance.

Even “Saturday Night Live,” which began as the epitome of counterculture humor, pulls it punches when it comes to the Obama administration. For that, conservatives will often overlook the show’s bawdier bits.

During this week’s new “South Park” installment, the show exceeded its previous antics to smite GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

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The episode, “Where My Country Gone,” offers “South Park’s” take on the illegal immigration issue. That dovetails into a subplot in which Trump becomes Canada’s leader, an ascension that spawns a mass Canadian exodus through America’s northern border.

Canada quickly descends into a wasteland, while Americans are outraged over the flood of illegal Canadian immigrants and their incessant politeness. That inspires recurring character Mr. Garrison to run a Trump-like campaign to rid the country of the new immigrants. It all ends with Trump being sexually assaulted, and killed, by Mr. Garrison.

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