Affordable Care Tumbles Hard

100,000 enrollees bail per month from pricey coverage

A 300,000 enrollee decline in three months suggests there is trouble in the socialist paradise that is the Affordable Care Act.

Medical professionals and anti-Obamacarists suggest that enrollees are not getting what they paid for — so they stopped paying and bailed.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, turned five years old on March 23, 2015. In that month, there were 10.2 Americans enrolled in federal and state health insurance exchanges. Three months later, by June 30, those numbers had declined to 9.9 million enrollees — a plunge of 300,000 people in three months. If that rate of decline continues, another 600,000 people would leave the Obamacare umbrella by the end of the year.

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Why the exodus? “I’m not surprised and I’ll tell you why,” Betsy McCaughey, senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research and author of “Beating Obamacare,” told LifeZette in an interview.

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First of all, Obamacare was a hard sell. It was an aggressive sales job and remember that many of these people were told this was affordable health insurance — but they weren’t told about the high deductibles.”

She added, “If you analyzed who is dropping out, my guess is it’s young, healthy people who go to a doctor and find they still have to pay a lot out of pocket because of the high deductible,” she said. “Many of these people are never going to need $5,000 worth of healthcare that gets them over the deductible. Sick people aren’t dropping out of Obamacare, but healthy people are. ”

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Dr. Ramin Oskoui,  president of the medical staff  at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington D.C., agrees with McCaughey’s conclusions. He told LifeZette: “Health insurance plans under Obamacare, Medicare and most private insurance — with a notable exception found in certain ‘Cadillac’ plans that are all now heavily taxed under Obamacare along with all Medicare recipients — leave the patient with a typical 20 percent copay.”

Who’s dropping out? “Young, healthy people who go to a  doctor and find they still have to pay a lot out of pocket because of the high deductible,” said McCaughey.

The sky-high deductible, said Dr. Oskoui, “is not sustainable for most Americans. Why pay Cadillac price for catastrophic coverage?” The doctor also said that prescription medicine costs have risen, which makes his job more difficult because “patients simply don’t take medications they can’t afford.”

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