Throughout his papacy, Pope Francis has displayed a sense of humility. With a rejection of anything ostentatious, Francis chooses a level of poverty that is consistent with his namesake — St. Francis of Assisi.

His piety has been exceedingly popular with Catholics and non-Catholics alike. With the upcoming papal visit to the United States, the pope has remained committed to his mission of simplicity.

The Vatican says Pope Francis will be riding in an American-made modified Jeep for his visit Sept. 22-27 to Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City. The Papal Wrangler will offer the pontiff the ability to be close to the people — and, if need be, drive over them like a giant pile of rocks.

The main concern for this visit, of course, is security.  However, Francis has consistently opted for an open, unprotected, and simple traveling vehicle.

While the specific modifications have not been released, this Popemobile will likely be similar to the vehicle he used during his trip to Ecuador. This would mean open windows and an open top, complete with a railing that would allow the pope to stand and give the faithful a better view of him. (The Secret Service already has the vehicle, so perhaps they’re tricking it out with all the best stuff from the presidential limo, known as The Beast).

The pope’s ride is important. The late Pope John Paul II was shot May 13, 1981, while riding in an open vehicle moving slowly through St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City. John Paul II recovered from his wounds and later forgave his would-be assassin. But following the attack, he traveled in vehicles equipped with bullet-proof glass. Former Pope Benedict XVI used a modified Mercedes-Benz M-Class sport utility vehicle with a special glass-enclosed room.

Yet there are two things the pope should know about his Jeep Wrangler: The seven slots in the grille represent the seven continents (Jeep was the first vehicle to drive on all seven). If he ever hits Antarctica, he should totally take the same ride. And most important, if he passes another Jeep (unlikely, but just saying), he’s gotta’ wave (even just a two-finger thing). Jeep owners are a cliquey bunch that waves to each other (but then, the pope will already be waving, so it’s all good).