After relentless attacks against Donald Trump by many of the top names in the GOP consultant and pundit class, one thing is clear: A healthy chunk of GOP voters just don’t give a darn what either group thinks.

Trump himself has aggressively cut through these Beltway insiders like a machete through warm butter. Until Trump came along, these self-righteous and self-appointed arbiters of conservative thought had been able to ignore the wrath of the working class. They haughtily dismiss those who see the GOP and Democrats as two sides of the same coin.

Despite what GOP voters believe and what facts demonstrate, they declare without hesitation that immigration (both legal and illegal) and trade deals (WTO, NAFTA, Trans Pacific Partnership, U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement) are huge positives for America.

Can it really be that a former Democrat and Manhattan billionaire is more in touch with the concerns of everyday Americans than they are? For the moment, it certainly seems that way.

Consider this: The bigger the Republican elite gang-up on Trump, the more popular he becomes. The louder their calls for him to “step aside,” the more popular he becomes. The more dismissive the insults (he’s a “vulgarian,” an “interloper,” a “charlatan,” and his campaign’s a “traveling circus”), the more defiantly his supporters dig in. These are the results of the latest national Fox News Poll:

Trump: 25 percent
Carson: 12 percent
Cruz: 10 percent
Bush: 9 percent
Huckabee: 6 percent
Walker 6 percent
Fiorina: 5 percent
Kasich: 4 percent
Rubio: 4 percent
Paul: 3 percent
Christie: 3 percent

Note that Jeb Bush went from 15 percent in the previous poll down to 9. It is not an exaggeration to say that support for him among the GOP faithful is cratering.

Isn’t it time for the media to start devoting a lot more attention to Bush’s problems? We keep seeing all these stories about how the Democratic establishment is panicking over the rise of Bernie Sanders, and how guys like Joe Biden or Al Gore might jump into the race. They take great delight in highlighting the vulnerabilities of the Democratic frontrunner. Why aren’t we seeing similar stories about the Republicans?

Does the GOP establishment have a Plan B, or are they determined to stick with Jeb Bush all the way to the end?

Does the GOP establishment have a Plan B, or are they determined to stick with Jeb Bush all the way to the end? One of the worst-kept secrets in Washington is that both Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell prefer Jeb as their party’s nominee. Yet could we have reached the point where big donors begin to wonder whether they bet on the wrong 2016 horse? Will they finally give other candidates a more serious look?

One sure sign that the Bush boys are beginning to panic surfaced over the weekend: Jeb’s Super PAC is soon planning to drop $10 million in advertising (read: Kill Trump Money) through the fall. This is sure to send shivers down the spine of some of the other mainstream Republican candidates who have had challenges in the fundraising department.

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For his part, Trump is signaling he’ll go dollar-for-dollar with Jeb’s Spend-o-Rama and then some.

In the midst of all this, there are a handful of other strong GOP candidates who might just be learning a thing or two about campaigning from an unlikely Trumpian tutor.