6 Live Concert Accidents

Dave Grohl's broken leg joins rock lore

Dave Grohl is living out the old saw that the show must go on. The Foo Fighters singer won’t let a broken leg, which he suffered June 12 after stumbling off the stage in Sweden, keep him silent.

He recently resumed touring, rocking a massive leg cast while belting out the group’s hits from an ornate throne. Since then, we’ve seen 1,000 musicians play a synchronized version of the Foo Fighters’ hit “Learn to Fly” via a successful viral video in a bid to bring the band to Italy. Long story short — it worked.

Grohl is a trooper, but he isn’t the first performer to injure himself on stage. There’s a long history of pop stars needing medical attention for their on-stage theatrics. Some simply stumbled, while others never could have predicted the problems that would plague them.

Michael Jackson
The King of Pop was performing before thousands of fans in 1984 for a Pepsi commercial when sparks from the onstage fireworks set his hair ablaze. He suffered second degree burns on the scalp, though when he left the stage he gamely assured the crowd he would be all right. Turns out he never fully healed from the accident. He began taking painkillers; it was the start of an addiction issue that contribution to his physical deterioration over the years.

Peggy Lee
The sultry crooner stumbled on a Las Vegas stage in 1987, breaking her pelvis in the process. Like Grohl, she didn’t let the accident keep her down. She proceeded to play from a wheelchair while she battled back from the tough break.

Krist Novoselic
Guitarists are known for trashing their instruments. This Nirvana musician preferred to throw his high in the air and catch it for maximum effect. Except that during a 1992 concert taping for MTV, Novoselic threw up his guitar and it landed square on his head.

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Enrique Iglesias
The Latino heart-throb is nothing if not a trouper. The singer routinely grabs the camera drones circling him on tour to give fans a unique, personal point of view. On May 31, he grabbed a drone, but somehow sliced several fingers on the device in the process. He returned to the stage, bloodied but willing to perform. Thirty minutes later, he was whisked off to a hospital for treatment.

The Who
They were the next big act to come out of England, and their debut on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in 1967 left two band mates feeling woozy. Drummer Keith Moon packed his drum kit with even more explosives than usual for the fateful gig to create a memorable finale. Instead, the subsequent explosion left shrapnel in Moon’s skin and singed guitarist Pete Townshend’s hair in the process.

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