Narcissism’s New Heights

Camera drones improve on the selfie

Selfie sticks are so 2014.

The latest gadget in our selfie-obsessed nation takes the photographic art to a new level … flying over your head. Kim Kardashian may need smelling salts once she hears about Lily, a drone camera that takes pictures of you from a variety of angles.

The ultimate Selfie Queen will have some time to primp, though. Lily doesn’t hit the market until February. Can a sequel to this year’s “Selfish,” her gallery of favorite selfies, be far behind (no pun intended)?

The new device shoots both stills and HD video (1080p), taking aim at our narcissistic age. And it isn’t just celebrities eager to share their faces with the public. Try scanning Facebook or Twitter without seeing a crush of poorly lit, awkwardly framed portraits.

Selfies by their very nature are limited by the length of one’s arm, something the Selfie Stick only partially addressed. That simply won’t do. We need new angles, fresh perspectives and enough space to ensure our best features aren’t washed out. After all, what if we do something amazing and no one is there to capture it?

Kim Kardashian may need smelling salts once she hears about Lily.

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Drone technology is currently used to fight terrorism, mostly, a tactic that brings a litany of hard moral questions. There won’t be much hand-wringing over Lily. Just lines of people eager to have the latest selfie accessory. Popular culture may never be the same.

US Weekly may have to double its page count just to capture all the celebrity drone selfies coming their way. Miley Cyrus will have to make sure every angle of her barely-there dresses can shock as needed.

Heck, President Obama will have less than a year to take selfies with world leaders. Let’s hope he makes every snapshot count.

Will Lily force the culture to reach its selfie saturation point sooner than anticipated? We’ll have to wait until 2016 to find out. For now, we all better practice our posing. Lily will be here soon, and Mrs. Kanye West won’t be the only one ready for her airborne close up.

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