Man Bun Mania

Trend sweeps USA... & 2016 race?

The man bun is blowing up my Facebook. My newsfeed is swamped with “best man buns of the week!” or “sexiest celebrity man bun.”

‘Twas a day when man bun referred to a man’s derrière, not his updo. But now it’s a thing. Men with long hair are now twisting their ponytails into knots atop their heads. It was Jared Leto and David Beckham who catapulted the man bun into the same hair mesa trend as mohawks, bowl cuts, dreadlocks and mullets. If they haven’t started sprouting up in your neck of the woods, they will soon. LifeZette even snapped this photo of a man bun in Greece, below.

While the word “bun” might conjure up images of Degas-esque dancers and prim professional secretaries — i.e. paragons of femininity — the male version is shockingly seen as less effeminate than lumber-jack-he-man-hot. I kid you not. Body builders are one of the biggest man bun adopters.

But I’m here to make a stand, right here, right now. No one looks good in a bun. Not me — not you — and definitely not my boyfriend. Make that ex-boyfriend. Or any boy. (Except Jared or David — see above.)

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It was one thing when only the surfers in Malibu, California, were the ones knotting up wet hair post dawn patrol. It’s quite another to contemplate your postman, your priest, your own father, or *gasp* presidential candidates. Particularly Republican ones.

After all, if the GOP is to overcome its rep as the old white male club — maybe it’s time to take some risks to revamp their image.

How do you feel about the man bun craze?

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