Candidate Email Bonanza — Beware!

They're out to snake your email address, time, and cash

Politicians, especially during a presidential election, are always looking for unique ways to vacuum up email addresses. It’s all about the mailing list and metadata, baby!

The more they know about you, the more likely they can get you to run a phone bank, drive someone to the polls, or convince you to write a big check. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio offered folks a chance to attend his birthday party in Las Vegas. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul sponsored a campaign T-shirt design contest.

Now Jeb Bush wants you at his “Debate Watch Party” on Aug. 6. The former Florida governor may have the biggest war chest of the field (unless Donald Trump self-funds), but he still needs to grow his base.

“There is only one ticket available,” Bush warns in his email pitch. “Before I head on stage I’ll be swinging by, and I want to see you there. What do you have to lose?” he asks.

Nothing. Except that now every fundraising outfit in the USA will have access to your email address. And if you win, just think of the fun you’d have at the Debate Party chatting up Jeb’s supporters. Or jockeying over the last mini-quiche with advisers like Paul Wolfowitz or Tom Ridge?


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