Tag: World War II

  • Poli

An Exceptional America: We’re Divided Yet United

We can't turn on the television, radio or computer today¬†without seeing the divisions in America.…

  • Poli

93-Year-Old WWII Veteran Ousts Incumbent New Jersey Mayor

Vito Perillo, a 93-year-old World War II veteran, pulled off an Election Day upset Tuesday…

  • Faith

Check Out Tim Tebow’s Poignant Moment with a WWII Veteran

Tim Tebow has been working hard to help those in his home state of Florida…

  • Pop

You’ll Never Believe How ‘OMG’ Started and Who Was Involved

The acronym "OMG," meant to express surprise or excitement with shorthand for the phrase "Oh…

  • Mom

A Veteran’s Gift to a Fallen Soldier’s Family

World War II veteran Marvin Strombo returned a Japanese flag to the family of the…

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